5 Things to Pack for a Walking Holiday in Europe

Touring a country with cars and jets is not out of the ordinary. Doing something different is good. Something different like taking a walking holiday. Yeah, they can seem a little bit tiresome, but these kind of holidays are super fun, and you get to learn a lot.

However, before embarking on your holiday, it’s essential to be well prepared, what do I mean by that? You have to carry the required items, what you will need to make yourself comfortable during the holiday. Have you ever gone for a holiday and after arriving, you discover that you have forgotten something important like your Visa cards and you end up being stranded in a foreign country, shame right?

Europe has many breathtaking places where you would not want to deny yourself the pleasure of setting foot in this part of the world, and however, if you aspire to take a walking holiday in this sophisticated part of the world, you have to be well prepared.

Let us take a look at some of the essential things you ought to pack while taking a walking holiday to Europe;


It’s obvious, but the point is, when talking walking holiday, you need to carry clothes that match the occasion. It will be ridiculous to pack a dinner dress or a suite unless you aspire to be the laughing stock of the whole trip. Jokes aside, here is a list of the type of clothes to put inside your suitcase;

  1. Shirts/blouses: Pack a maximum of four short-sleeved or long-sleeved shirts or blouses.
  2. Pants/ shorts: Carry light-weight cotton and others should also be extremely light-weight. Some places can be hot during the summer.
  3. Shoes: Carry a pair or two of comfortable shoes to help you walk around with much ease.
  4. Sleepwear: A pair of yoga pants or sweat pants can be enjoyable pajamas.
  5. Jacket: A light-weight and water resistant windbreaker should be in your packing list to prepare yourself in case of any rain.
  6. Towels: Towels are one of the most important thing to take care of your personal hygine. perfect travel towel will protect you from bacteria and germs.


  1. Digital camera: Holidays are an excellent platform for making new memories; capturing those moments is necessary, a digital camera serves that purpose.
  2. Headphones: At times the long journey can be pretty dull, headphones can spare you the boredom, listening to music while traveling can spice the whole journey experience.
  3. Chargers and batteries: Bring a charger for every device at least to combat the low battery incidents.
  4. Smartphone: Bring a smartphone at least to keep in touch with relatives and friends during the holiday.

Money, Documents and Travel Information

  1. Money: Carry a credit card, hard cash or debit card. Do not travel around empty-handed.
  2. Documents; Passport, driver’s license or national ID should be in your luggage
  3. Some Maps and guidebooks; It’s essential to know the direction of the place you are touring. Guide books give you the needed info of different destinations.
  4. Small notepad and pen; Some trips are very educational, and it is essential to note down any important info you might come across, especially if the aim of your holiday is precisely for educational purposes, this material shouldn’t miss in your packing list.
  5. A Small backpack; The pack can be used to carry essential things like the maps, cameras and also your smartphone.

Personal Items

  1. Medicine: Sickness does not pick the place and time, hence carrying a couple of medicine to combat any health emergencies should be your priority. Keep your medicine in original containers to avoid confusion.
  2. A Pair of Sunglasses; The light from the sun can be unfriendly at times to your eyes. Walking around with your hand on your forehead to protect your face from the sun can be pretty tiresome, sunglasses make things easy and also spices up your look.
  3. A small packet of tissues; When you need to help yourself and, unfortunately, land in a toilet with no clothes, pocket tissues can come in handy. They can also be used to wipe any dirt that may have found its way to your clothes.
  4. First-aid kit: Minor accidents happen; it is better to have a first-aid kit to treat any small injuries.

Free things

  1. Small flash-lights: If you aim to explore the cities at night LED flashlights are essential.
  2. Water bottles: Make sure you can find a big one to carry enough water. It is essential to keep your body hydrated as you walk around.
  3.  A book: If you are not a fan of music as you travel, a book can give you the entertainment you need. Even after a long day of walking around, take a book and read before going to sleep.

Holidays to Europe are full of fun, make them comfortable, memorable by ensuring that you are well equipped. The above 5 things to pack for a walking holiday in Europe are just the tip of the iceberg to an excellent walking holiday.