7 Benefits Of Using Social Media Ads For Advertising

As a modern-day marketer, it becomes very easy to get caught in the tricks of what other marketers are doing, whether it’s email marketing, SEO, list-renting, search marketing, blogging, email marketing, and what’s not.

However, the truth is, ‘you cannot do everything.’ You need to choose the right channel to put your effort into. And, with that said, the only force that’s dominating modern-day work is social media. You won’t see even one person not using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or anything in a day.

If stats are to be believed, there are millions of users on social media, with only 2414 million at Facebook only. Facebook is the king of a social network; you can call it the platform of choice for most of the marketers. Why? Because it is the largest social media advertising platform, and there are billions of people on it.

Here are a few reasons that will justify how Facebook ads will make your business grow:

It is effective: 

Do you know how your Facebook profile view by others back in 2004? It was just student-only social networking. However, today, Facebook has outgrown as one of the most important platforms and considering the number of daily active users, its popularity is no stopping.

In fact, it has become too huge for the business of any size to ignore. It is one such platform where your future clients will hang out.

AmazeLaw is a marketing platform built specifically for busy solo and small firms.

You Can Target A Specific Audience: 

Facebook’s targeting capabilities are amazing; they let you reach your prospective clients on the basis of location, age, behavior, language, interests, and more. The targeting capabilities can dig more in-depth than another platform, and you can use it to eliminate users who are not your target market.

This way, you will be able to find quality potential customers instead of a random audience. with targeting, you can also:

  • get more creative with life-event targeting
  • get insights into recent purchase behavior of your audience
  • use the custom audience to get more leads and build loyalty
  • create more audience that looks similar to your audience

It Increases Website Traffic: 

Facebook advertising help in boosting website traffic. You can simply run a website campaign to target your specific audience and sending them to your website. While you can use various other sources to increase traffic, the cost-effective and the most beneficial is Facebook advertising.

It’s In The Budget: 

Another major benefit of using Facebook advertising is that it is cost-effective and is in the budget. In just a few bucks, you can reach thousands of people. However, the price of a particular Facebook ad varies according to your industry goals, optimization settings, audience, and more.

Call Buttons In Ads Are A Complete Game-Changer: 

With millions of users every year and half of million access Facebook only from mobile, capturing leads from mobile users is a big opportunity. Also, call to business from mobile give more users than from the clicks on the website.

Think of Facebook ad users- they see an advertisement on mobile and instantly click on the ‘Call now’ button, and the lead is made. Comparing this to traditional desktop-method, users see an ad, click it and visit the landing page and might click the buy option.

The Advertisements Are Measurable: 

There’s no denying that Facebook advertisements are measurable, and the number shows themselves. You will be able to see the number of impressions, total click, and conversions that you are getting from your Facebook ad. You can also install a tracker to track the website activity.

It Can Increase Your Blog Traffic: 

A Facebook advertisement also helps you make your blog reach to the public audience to get instant traffic. With advertising, you can generate more credibility and trust. Blogs also help in building a strong connection with your audience.

Have you ever used Facebook ads? Are you currently using it? How are they going?