Are Brannen flutes good?

Since Brannen Brothers was founded in 1978, they have earned a worldwide reputation for unsurpassed excellence. There is no doubt about their place in the market; discerning flutists have placed them squarely at the top. It is designed for the flutist who prefers a C footjoint, but sometimes needs a low B.

Where are Brannen flutes made?

Woburn, Massachusetts
Brannen Brothers Flutemakers, Inc is a manufacturer of custom flutes, located in Woburn, Massachusetts, United States. Founded in 1978, Brannen Brothers makes each flute by hand.

What is a gold riser on a flute?

One of the most common options that is often found on intermediate flutes is a gold-plated lip plate. This adds some color variety to the headjoint, but does not change the sound quality of the instrument, since it is just a layer of plating, as opposed to a solid material.

Are Emerson flutes good?

it’s a good choice. The first flute I every played on was an emerson. Even though it had been through a lot in its past life (like getting more dents that you would believe), it still has a darker tone that I prefer over my Gemeindhart 2SP… Course, it has nothing on my Sonare flute.

What is a flute Headjoint?

The headjoint is the voicebox of the flute, and the most important part when it comes to tone production. The two main factors in sound quality are the material the headjoint is made from and, arguably more significantly, the “cut”.

Why are open hole flutes better?

The open hole flute does several things; the most useful being the variations and sounds and notes that the player can achieve. The open hole allows for micro tones, multi phonics, and slides mainly featured in contemporary or jazz music. It also encourages good overall technique and playing posture.

Are Emerson flutes still made?

Emerson DeFord may have made more hand-crafted flutes than anyone else. It is a strong statement, but then again he has produced flutes under such brand names as Deford and Emerson since 1952. The years have come and gone and still the master of the flute sat behind his bench hammering and cutting…

How much does an Emerson flute cost?

Other features include a silver-plated nickel silver head, body and C foot, silver-plated keys with offset G and deluxe hardshell case. This is a store demo flute that has never left the store. Easy to play and sound/tone quality is amazing for a beginner flute….Emerson EF2 Student Flute.

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What is the hole in a flute called?

embouchure hole
It is a tapered tube of around 22cm in length, with a ‘lip-plate’ and ‘riser’ soldered onto it, and a ‘head-cork’ assembly that seals the tapered end of the tube. The hole that the player blows into is called the ’embouchure hole’.

Who gave flute to Krishna?

Shiva ji made a beautiful and beautiful flute by grinding that bone. When Shiva reached Gokul to meet Lord Shri Krishna, he offered him the flute as a gift to Shri Krishna.

What are the different styles of Brannen Brothers flutes?

Brannen Brothers Flutes currently offers four headjoint styles: The “Modern Cooper,” the “Modified Cooper,” the ” Epoch” and the “JR Lafin” style. The Epoch Cut (formerly the 700) is the most projecting, responsive style ever, the Epoch is less resistance than the other Brannen-Cooper Headjoint styles.

Who are the makers of Brannen Brothers headjoints?

Recently, Brannen launched a partnership with the famous French headjoint maker JR Lafin. These world-class headjoints are now available for purchase separately, or on any Brannen Brothers Flute. All Brannen Brothers flutes use the scale developed by their Vice-President Emeritus, Albert Cooper.

Who is the inventor of the C flute?

A collaboration between Bickford Brannen and famous Dutch Flute-maker Eva Kingma, the “Kingma System” flute is the first C flute to offer a complete quarter-tone scale and fully chromatic multi-phonic venting while still maintaining the ability to play traditional flute repertoire.

Which is the most responsive Brannen headjoint style?

The Epoch Cut (formerly the 700) is the most projecting, responsive style ever, the Epoch is less resistance than the other Brannen-Cooper Headjoint styles. The Modern Cooper Cut is projecting and responsive; it’s Brannen’s interpretation of Albert Cooper’s popular design, and it has the flexibility to cover a wide range of tone colors.