Are Cadet heaters expensive to run?

The answer is 1.5, which means the two heaters will use 1.5 kW of electricity each hour they are in use. In this case, it would cost us $0.12 per hour to use the two heaters or $2.92 to run them constantly for 24 hours.

Where are Cadet baseboard heaters made?

Vancouver, Washington
Cadet began as a family-based business that’s grown over the last 57 years, but their headquarters and manufacturing facility are located in Vancouver, Washington.

Do old baseboard heaters use a lot of electricity?

Cost. Is baseboard heating expensive? In general, electric baseboard heaters use more electricity than an electric heat pump. This means higher electric bills, especially in the coldest winter months when they’re working overtime to keep your home warm.

Are old baseboard heaters better than new ones?

All electric heaters are 100% efficient at converting electricity to heat, regardless of how old they are, so replacing old baseboards with newer ones won’t save you any energy. There is nothing else for the electricity going through your baseboards to do but turn into heat.

How long do Cadet heaters last?

Expected life – According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), a cadet-type wall heater or baseboard heater has a 10-15 year expected life.

How efficient are baseboard electric heaters?

Like other forms of electric resistance heating, electric baseboard heaters offer 100 percent efficiency. That means 100 percent of the electricity consumed by these heaters is used to produce heat. Many of these units offer efficiency ratings of 78 to 95 percent, making them much cleaner than baseboard heating.

Are cadet wall heaters safe?

Cadet wall and baseboard heaters are a safe and affordable way to warm your home. Follow our simple guidelines and regular heater maintenance tips to enjoy years of comfort for your family. It’s critical to keep safe clearances around your heater and not block the flow of air.

What is a cadet baseboard heater?

Cadet is a leader in electric heating solutions that are both aesthetically appealing and provide efficient warmth. Whether you need an electric baseboard or an industrial heater, Cadet has the perfect unit for you. Explore the categories and product pages to find a heater that will surpass even the highest standards.

Are Cadet heaters more efficient than baseboard?

Efficiency – While they are the least expensive of fixed electric heaters, baseboard and wall heaters are very inefficient compared to radiant ceiling panels. Based on several studies, radiant ceiling heaters are 35% more efficient than wall heaters and 50% more efficient than baseboards.

Is the cadet 36 electric baseboard heater wired?

Designed for ease of installation with pre-punched mounting holes, this hardwired heater can be wired at either end. Rugged U.S.A steel construction with powder coated white paint for a durable, premium finish.

Do you need a thermostat for cadet 36?

Rugged U.S.A steel construction with powder coated white paint for a durable, premium finish. A thermostat is required and sold separately. Thermostat sold separately choose a line voltage wall thermostat or BTF unit-mount thermostat for temperature control

Where can I get a baseboard electric heater?

You can install a unit mount thermostat to mount in the heater, or use a wall mount line voltage thermostat to install in a wall. Both are available at Home Depot. The unit mount of course involves less wiring. How many amps is this heater?