Are City and Guilds qualifications Recognised internationally?

As well as in Ireland, City & Guilds operate in over 80 countries worldwide and as a result offer worldwide recognition of your skills combined with qualifications that are based on the competence required to get the job done. We operate in over 80 countries, click here to view our global offering.

Is City and Guilds Recognised in Europe?

The Group has a presence in over 25 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East including Afghanistan, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Sudan, and Bosnia and employs over 8,800 employees comprising 70 nationalities.

What countries recognize city and guilds?

the UK
City & Guilds are the market share leaders of vocational qualifications in the UK and has a presence in 80 countries. The programmes are accredited by OfQUAL in the UK.

Do universities accept City and Guilds qualifications?

Many institutions will accept the City & Guilds Technical qualifications as suitable for entry onto their courses.

Is City and Guilds a degree?

The City and Guilds Awards for Professional Recognition are accredited awards offered at levels 4 (academic first-year undergraduate or certificate of higher education level) to 7 (academic Master’s degree or postgraduate certificate or diploma level) of the Regulated Qualifications Framework, corresponding to the …

Is City and Guilds a university?

City & Guilds of London Art School, a unique not-for-profit, Higher Education University Sector Art School.

How many countries does City and Guilds operate in?

80 countries
City & Guilds transforms the lives of people in more than 80 countries, by helping to build businesses and economies.

Are City and Guilds qualifications any good?

The City & Guilds brand is recognised by 99% of employers. Our range of qualifications are built around employer needs so your learners are in a good position to find a job with a City & Guilds qualification.

Are there short courses for City and Guilds?

City & Guilds provides industry required, employer recognised short courses in over 20 different sectors. With time constraints as well as economic factors many learners have already started to explore City & Guilds short courses as a viable alternative to increasing their skills.

Who is suitable for the City Guilds ITQ?

The City Guilds ITQ is suitable for anybody who uses IT whether at home or work. The flexible… Spreadsheet processing techniques develops your practical skills in using spreadsheet functions… The following qualifications will be closed from 1 August 2020: 5220-21 601/7371/3 City Guilds…

What does City and guilds do for the world?

What does City & Guilds do internationally? City & Guilds transforms the lives of people in more than 80 countries, by helping to build businesses and economies. Tapping into potential to help people develop the skills they need to get their first job, progress on to higher levels, and become globally mobile.

Why is City and Guilds a trusted advisor?

City & Guilds has been a trusted advisor in many countries since the 1900s and sets the global standard for skills and learning.