Are Magura MT sport brakes good?

The Magura MT Trail Sport are intelligently designed brakes, offering a powerful performance and good value. The differing feel does take a while to get used to, and is not for everyone, but if you are looking for power and smooth rear wheel control the MT Trail Sports fit the bill.

How do you adjust the lever on a Magura MT7?

This will vary from bike to bike, so Magura builds an adjustment by using a banjo bolt fitting that allows the hose to come off at any angle. To adjust, simply loosen the T-25 banjo bolt and rotate the brake hose to the preferred angle and snug it back down.

How do you break in Magura brakes?

New brake pads and rotors only attain their final braking force during the bedding-in phase. To achieve this ride on even ground and accelerate to a speed of 30 km/h before braking to a standstill. Repeat this process at least 30 times per brake. The brake pads and rotor are now bedded-in and can perform optimally.

Can I mix brake levers and calipers?

The party line is never switch levers with another brand of calipers. Altering the diameter of either the caliper pistons or the master cylinder will drastically effect the performance of the brake. The other reason is what you intuited: each system is designed to work with one type of fluid.