Are pitbulls allowed in Colorado?

Denver Repeals Pit Bull Ban. On January 1, 2021, Denver, Colorado’s pit bull ban ended after 31 long years. However, that doesn’t mean these dogs will now be treated like all other breeds. Beginning January 2, 2021, pit bull owners need a Provisional Breed-Restricted Permit to have their dog in Denver.

What counties are pit bulls banned in Colorado?

Three major cities have now repealed their pit bull bans: Denver, Aurora, and Commerce City. It is now legal to own pit bulls in all three cities. The only caveat is in Denver, where a pit bull owner is required to get a breed evaluation and a special permit in order…

Are pitbulls allowed in Denver now?

DENVER — Starting in 2021, it will be legal to own pit bulls in the city and county of Denver, so long as owners get their dogs permitted. In November, Denver voters repealed the 31-year ban on pit pulls in the city and county.

What states have pit bull bans?

These are the 10 states that have the most cities banning dog breeds.

  1. Iowa. Rottweilers are subject to breed bans.
  2. Kansas. Doberman pinschers face bans.
  3. Ohio. Pit bulls have it hard in Ohio.
  4. Missouri. Pilot Grove, Missouri, bans chow chows, among other breeds.
  5. Wisconsin.
  6. Mississippi.
  7. Arkansas.
  8. Michigan.

Are pitbulls legal in Littleton CO?

In certain areas of Colorado, it is illegal to own a pit bull or other breeds. These are controversial laws. Regardless of which side of the fence a dog owner sits on, the owner has a duty to comply with the animal control laws where the owner lives. …

How do I report a pitbull in Denver?

Contact 3-1-1

  1. Outside Denver: 720-913-1311.
  2. Hearing Impaired Only (TTY): 720-913-8479.
  3. For Emergencies: 9-1-1. Report a Problem. Ask a Question.

Are pitbulls legal in Aurora Colorado?

AURORA | It’s official: Pit bull breeds will no longer be banned in Aurora. A majority of Aurora lawmakers voted to remove the long-standing ban on American pit bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers during a Monday city council meeting.

Should pit bulls be outlawed?

Pit bulls are widely seen as extremely aggressive and dangerous dogs. Critics say pit bulls are just too high of a risk to have in society. There are no real reasons to own a pit bull beside companionship. Banning the breed would protect humans from unnecessary harm.

What states have no breed restrictions?

Four states still don’t have laws prohibiting the sexual assault of animals: Wyoming, Hawaii, New Mexico, and West Virginia.

Are pitbulls legal in Fort Collins?

Pit bulls are allowed in Fort Collins and Larimer County. The dog is currently at the owner’s house.

Are pitbulls legal in Douglas County Colorado?

The Douglas County town becomes the first in Colorado to rescind a pit bull ban — 26 years after it put the restriction into place. Denver, Aurora, Lone Tree, Louisville and several other cities in the state still have pit bull bans on their books.

Why does Denver have a pitbull ban?

The ordinance banning ownership of pit bulls was enacted in 1989 after a number of people had been attacked. The city council voted to end it in February, but that was vetoed by Mayor Michael Hancock, who cited concerns if someone were hurt following a repeal.

What are cities in Colorado have ban on Pitbulls?


  • Commerce City
  • Fort Lupton
  • Lone Tree
  • Louisville
  • Town of Simla
  • Where are Pitbulls banned in Colorado?

    Pitbulls dogs are also considered as the dogs which have dangerous behavior. So, you have to understand and follow the rule of that state. Under Denver’s Ordinance Sec. 8-55, the Pitbull breeds such as American Pit Bull Terrier , American Staffordshire Terrier or Staffordshire Bull Terrier are banned in the City and Country of Denver.

    Which states are Pitbulls banned?

    Iowa. If you’re thinking of moving to Iowa and you own a pit bull,it’s going to be tough finding a place to live.

  • Kansas. Kansas has the same number of cities with breed legislation as Ohio,but it grabs the No.
  • Ohio.
  • Missouri.
  • Wisconsin.
  • Mississippi.
  • Arkansas.
  • Michigan.
  • Louisiana.
  • Kentucky.
  • What states don’t allow pit bulls?

    In the United States, there is only one state with a full ban on pit bulls and that is Hawaii. There are also many other cities with pit bull bans such as Miami and Denver.