Are Q Mobiles good?

While QMobile is popular with Pakistanis, there are many users that are not willing to go back to QMobile devices once they have used one. This means that despite the high sales, QMobile is still lacking certain specifications and qualities that make it a good smartphone for the users.

Which is the best QMobile in Pakistan?

Top three trending mobiles are include QMobile Noir LT100 RS 6999, QMobile Phantom P1 RS 16999, QMobile ATV 2 RS 2300 as per last updated Wednesday, October 27, 2021….QMobile Mobile Price in Pakistan.

Latest 10 QMobile Mobiles Price
QMobile Smart i7i Rs. 6999
QMobile Rocket Pro Rs. 8599
QMobile Rocket Lite Rs. 8199
QMobile 4G Plus Rs. 4000

Where is Q Mobile from?

QMOBILE PHONES QMobile is a phone brand in Pakistan. QMobile’s range of mobile products include affordable touch screens, QWERTY, Wi-Fi and Android OS smartphones. This is one the smartphone companies that are helping Google take its Android One initiative to various countries across the world.

What happened to Q mobile?

The company filed for liquidation bankruptcy at Huaxing Bank, submitting its application to a court in Shenzhen, which has been accepted. This could result in a major restructuring as Gionee has hired restructuring consultants a week ago.

What is the full form of Q mobile?

QBeats Music ( Website. QMobile (Urdu:کیو موبائل) is a Pakistani consumer electronics marketing company which markets smartphones in Pakistan. It is one of the largest smartphone marketing brand in Pakistan with an estimate of one million mobile phones sold monthly.

What is the price of Q mobile I8i in Pakistan?

QMobile i8i 2019’s retail price in Pakistan is Rs. 7,249.

Which is the most expensive mobile in Pakistan?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is the most expensive mobile phone available in Pakistan that was released on March 6, 2020. Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra’s price in Pakistan is more than 2 lacs, but its price can vary based on location and is updated on their websites.

Who is the owner of Q mobile?

Mian Zeeshan Akhtar
Mian Zeeshan Akhtar, CEO, Chairman and mastermind behind the success of Q Mobile, has come to be known as the youngest entrepreneur in Pakistan’s mobile phone industry.

Is Q mobile available in Pakistan?

QMobile Noir Mobile Phones Price in Pakistan

QMobile Mobiles Price List Price Storage
Qmobile Noir LT100 Rs. 6999 8GB
Qmobile Noir S8 Plus Rs. 12000 16GB
Qmobile Noir E3 Dual Rs. 15000 16GB
Qmobile Noir LT300 Rs. 7250 8GB