Are rainbow lorikeets legal in Australia?

Bird breeders and recreational owners can now keep rainbow lorikeets without a licence after a revision of the regulations. The red-capped parrot is also off the licence list but Mr Gilligan says none have been issued for the breed common to Western Australia.

How much does a Rainbow Lorikeet cost?

Most people that want to buy a lorikeet will be considering the Rainbow Lorikeet, with the cost of a Rainbow Lorikeet on average being around $400 to $700. If you’re thinking about getting another type of Swainson’s Lories then these birds may cost over $1000 from top quality breeders.

Where can I buy rainbow lorikeets?

The rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus moluccanus) is a species of parrot found in Australia. It is common along the eastern seaboard, from northern Queensland to South Australia. Its habitat is rainforest, coastal bush and woodland areas.

Are rainbow lorikeets protected in NSW?

Protection of native animals All native birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals, but not including dingoes, are protected in NSW by the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016.

Are lorikeets protected in Australia?

Rainbow lorikeets are subject to an Acclimatised Fauna Notice in the south-west land division under legislation administered by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW).

What parrots can you own in Australia?

Australian Parrot Breeds

  • Australia King Parrot.
  • Cockatiel.
  • Cockatoo (including Galah)
  • Eclectus.
  • Lorikeet.

How much does a rainbow lorikeet cost in Australia?

Cost. $50-$6500 (price depends on the rarity of the bird).

Is it legal to own a lorikeet?

Unlike other animals at the zoo who may elicit a similar desire, lorikeets are widely available for private possession and the only criterion for ownership required by the seller is paying the price of the bird.

Where do rainbow lorikeets live in Australia?

The rainbow lorikeet can be found from the Kimberley region of Western Australia east to Cape York and south to Tasmania and Adelaide. In South Australia it extends north to the Flinders Ranges and west to Eyre Peninsula. It is also found on Kangaroo Island. It is rare in Tasmania, and uncommon in Victoria.

How do I attract lorikeets to my garden?

The best way to attract Rainbow Lorikeets to your garden is to grow native plants. Putting a bird bath in your yard is also a good idea, because lorikeets love to splash around and clean their feathers after feeding. Don’t give Rainbow Lorikeets other kinds of food, such as biscuits, bread or seeds.

Are Amazon parrots legal in Australia?

yes, parrots are legal in Australia, but it’s illegal to import parrots into the country since 1995 because of a ban that occurred due to a fear of spreading an avian disease.

Are rainbow lorikeets good pets?

Yes, a Rainbow Lorikeet can be a good option for a pet if you are looking for a medium-sized parrot and have the time and space for it. Rainbow Lorikeets require larger cages or aviaries, and they love to play and be social. Rainbow Lorikeets are the most popular choice out of all Lories and Lorikeets to take as pets.

Where can I buy a rainbow lorikeet in Sydney?

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Where can I buy a blue front lorikeet?

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How old is a scaly lorikeet for sale?

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