Are Reverend guitars worth it?

There are influences, sure, but overall, Reverend feel like a breath of fresh air. The instruments are superb: they play and sound like pro instruments, they look awesome and have their own style. They are also priced well within the budget of most serious players.

Who is tricky Gomez?

Santo Rico “Tricky” Gomez was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico sometime in the late ’40s/early ’50s to Jorge Gomez, the great grandson of legendary Mescalero Apache chief Gomez, and the late Susana Diaz, singer for the all-girl Motor City band, Sue Dee & the Hot Tamales.

Who owns Reverend guitars?

Currently based in Toledo, Ohio, Reverend is run by Ken and Penny Haas. All of the guitars are expertly designed by Joe Naylor, proudly manufactured in South Korea by boutique guitar manufacturer Mirr Music, and meticulously set up by our tech team – lead by Zach Green who initials each one before it goes out the door.

Where are Reverend guitars made?

South Korea
Today, Reverend Guitars are designed and built at the Circle R Ranch in Toledo. All the guitars are manufactured by a boutique guitar manufacturer, Mirr Music, in South Korea. Joe Naylor still designs the company’s instruments, while Ken and Penny Haas handle the business side of things.

Are Reverend bass guitars good?

Reverend’s latest bass is a fun instrument. Its comfortable design offers excellent playability and great balance, ideal for marathon performances. Thanks to all its versatile voices, the Triad can be used for many musical styles, making it a choice go-to bass for both stage and session work.

How did Reverend guitars get its name?

The name was based on the myth of a guitar virtuoso who lived in obscurity and could never quite get his career off the ground. The Bayonet is Reverend’s newest set-neck guitar. A modernized body design that is loaded with Railhammer pickups, a pickup designed by Joe Naylor.

What guitars are made by Mirr music?

MIRR MUSIC IS YOUR 1 ST BEST MIRR MUSIC FACTORY Address: 1886 bogwang street beobwon-eup

  • REVEREND GUITAS (7 mirr music productions)
  • HAAS GUITARS (1 mirr music productions)
  • PURESALEM GUITARS (1 mirr music productions)
  • REVEREND GUITARS (1 mirr music productions)

Where is the Reverend Bass made?

Where does Greg Koch live?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.

What guitar brands are made in Korea?

Cort Guitars (Cor-Tek Corporation) is a South Korean guitar manufacturing company located in Seoul. The company is one of the largest guitar makers in the world, and produces instruments for many other companies. It also has factories in Indonesia and China….Cort Guitars.

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Who owns Wildwood Guitars?

Steve Mesple
But as Steve Mesple (owner/founder of Wildwood Guitars), humbly told me, there is a time/season for everything in life.

Does Greg Koch own Koch amps?

Greg Koch Solo Greg Koch works as a clinician for Fishman and Martin. In addition, Koch has his own signature amplifier ‘The Greg’, manufactured by the Koch Amplifier company. Koch also has a signature guitar which was released in 2019 by Reverend Guitars, named the ‘Greg Koch Signature Gristlemaster’.