Are Spain and Romano related Hetalia?

The Era Of Boss Spain Spain and Romano in their younger days. Though Spain at first was overjoyed to get his own servant, he quickly found that the older brother Romano was disobedient, lazy, and had problems with wetting the bed, as well as being a challenge to handle in general.

What does Romano call Spain?

‘Spamano’ is the names “Spain” and “Romano” merged, to represent the fanon pairing of Spain and South Italy (Romano).

How old is Spain Hetalia?


Spain スペイン
Alternate Spellings Antonio Hernández Carriedo (アントーニョ・ヘルナンデス・カリエド)
Age 25
Gender Male
Birthday February 12

Are Italy and Romano twins?

Despite many speculations that they are twins, it has been confirmed by Hidekaz Himaruya that Romano is supposed to be older than Italy by a few years. In their childhood, the two knew of each other, but never met until after Grandpa Rome had passed away.

Who are Italy brothers Hetalia?

South Italy (南イタリア, Minami Itaria), often referred to as Romano (ロマーノ, Romāno), is a character in the series Hetalia Axis Powers and the older brother of North Italy.

Who voices Spain Hetalia?

Spain is voiced by Go Inoue in Japanese and by David Trosko in English.

Who voices Ling Yao?

Mamoru MiyanoFullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Ling Yao/Played by

Why did Romano dance the Tarantella in Hetalia?

In Axis Powers Hetalia Volume 1, it is revealed that Romano also had the disease Chorea, though he eventually was cured of the disease shortly after Spain made him dance the Tarantella . The younger Romano often felt weak and useless, and was jealous of the attention his brother got in comparison to him, as well as his brother’s natural talents.

When did Germany first meet Italy ( Hetalia )?

When Germany first met Italy, he started to see dreams, which feel more like another long time ago forgotten life. Every time they become more real and detailed, leaving even more questions. When the dreams catch up in real life, there is nothing left but to face reality and find all the answers. 6 /?

Who are the characters in Spain and South Italy?

Spain/Romano is an extremely common pairing involving the characters Spain and South Italy. It is also called Spero by some fans, from the first syllables of Spain and Romano in Japanese, Spamano, combining Spain and Romano, or Oyabun Kobun (親分子分).

Who are the father and daughter in Hetalia?

This is all about their daughter, Anna. And how she goes through life with these two countries being her dads. Prussia helping her with all her boy trouble and Russia opening up more and being proud to have such a great daughter. They will face many many many hardships.