Are the l4d Comics canon?

In case you missed it, Valve has released Part 3 of The Sacrifice. The free graphic novel is a prequel to the last DLC campaign, ‘The Passing,’ and follows the original four survivors as they head South.

Who is Francis in l4d?

Francis is one of the four playable Survivors in Left 4 Dead. He is a tough biker with tattoos covering his arms and neck. His tattoos identify him as a member of “Hells Legion”, a name possibly inspired by the real-world Hells Angels Motorcycle Club.

How old is Zoey l4d2?

18 years old
Zoey was in her first year of college prior to the outbreak which makes her at least 18 years old―or slightly older depending on her college entry age.

What happened to l4d survivors?

Following their escape from the facility, the Left 4 Dead Survivors decided to go on their own and avoid all military, as shown in The Passing where they kindly deny the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors offer to join them on their trip to New Orleans.

Is L4D still popular?

Games like Left 4 Dead have remained popular for years after release, with dedicated fanbases keeping them alive.

What inspired Left 4 Dead?

“It was kind of like watching a lab rat experiment,” recalls Mike Booth, then CEO of Turtle Rock Studios, where L4D originated. “Some people would declare themselves the leader and bark instructions, whether they were qualified to or not. Other guys just wanted to help out and make sure everyone had health kits.

Is purple Francis real?

Of course, Purple Francis, who is depicted as a purple tinted version of the real Left 4 Dead character Francis, does not exist. Like most great internet pranks and viral content, it comes from the brains of two bored and hilarious teenagers, Lucy and Evan.

Is purple Francis Canon?

As of writing, Purple Francis still exists on the Wiki as a piece of technically ‘canon’ game lore. Now, Purple Francis is not the same as plain old protagonist Francis. The wiki claims he once had a wife and three children, and that one of his daughters had an affair with Ronald Reagan.

Who is the best left 4 dead character?

Valve ran a poll for players of Left 4 Dead 2, asking their favorite character. For Xbox 360 players, Ellis was a clear winner, earning a score of 43%. He also shared the first place spot with Nick for the PC users, with both holding 33% of the vote.

How did Francis get rid of Louis in Left 4 Dead?

Francis’ deep-seated alpha-male contempt for Louis is revealed during his dream sequence (refer The Sacrifice comic, Part 4) when his unconscious mind exiles Louis to a separate island from whence he vainly calls out to the beer girls to come and join him there.

What kind of shotgun does Francis have in Left 4 Dead?

In official media, he can usually be seen wielding either the Pump Shotgun or the Auto Shotgun . Francis, along with Zoey and Louis, appears in Left 4 Dead 2 in the downloadable campaign ” The Passing ” as they meet with the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors.

Who is the voice actor for Francis from Left 4 Dead?

Francis’ facial features are portrayed by Taylor Knox and he was voiced by Vince Valenzuela. Cocky, loud, and pretty sure he’s indestructible, Francis acts like the zombie apocalypse is the world’s biggest bar fight.

Where did Francis and Sandra kiss in Left 4 Dead?

Francis and Sandra begin kissing in the back room when she gets sick on his vest. He almost leaves, but she convinces him to stay and then promptly bites him. She is about to attack him when Francis’s paranoid friend, Duke, shoots her.