Are V Maxx coilovers good?

I’ve had these on my car for about 11 months / 13,000 miles. They’re very good for the money. Firm but not too harsh, and capable of handling everything from normal DD use to AutoX to the race track. I’ve had them at 11.5″F / 11.5″R since I installed them.

Who makes V Maxx coilovers?

They also have a two-year warranty….

Part number 13-16210 1990-97 NB
Manufacturer V-Maxx
Proposition 65 Warning: Cancer and reproductive harm
Flyin’ Miata exclusive Yes
Warranty 2 years

How often should you rebuild coilovers?

Rebuild every 15,000 – 30,000 miles.

What is the best coilover brand?

Your guide to today’s best coilovers

  • KW Competition (top)
  • Fortune Auto 500 Series (bottom)
  • For the Daily Driver.
  • BLOX Racing Street Series. A full-bodied suspension at an affordable price, these BLOX Racing coilovers are perfect for the street.
  • H&R Street Performance.
  • HKS Hipermax Max4GT.
  • Ksport Kontrol Pro.
  • Raceland.

How many miles are coilovers good for?

Good coilovers that are properly installed and maintained could last a long time – about 150,000 miles or more. Coilovers below this range that are making squeaking or thumping noises could easily be fixed without replacement.

How do I know my coilovers are bad?

Registered. Narrowing down noises can be tricky, check the coilovers for any oil/fluid leaking from it, check your sway bar endlinks to see if the joints are worn or busted (Moog’s are 60 bucks/set at local auto parts store), and strut mount bearings can also cause creaking when turning the wheel.

Do you have to service coilovers?

To help keep your off-road shocks working as hard as you drive, it’s important to service them on a regular basis. This applies to all variations including smooth body, reservoir, piggyback, coilover, and bypass shocks.

What kind of suspension does Husqvarna AHRMA use?

New Öhlins Classic MXshocks – the Extreme Ultimate in vintage dual shock suspension. You have spent all this time and effort on your 1973 Husqvarna AHRMA race bike and now you are looking for the best suspension products.

What kind of damper does Husqvarna Husky use?

This is the best ! Nitrogen charged 36mm steel bodied dampers, internal dividing piston separates the nitrogen from the high tech Ohlins oil, internal reservoir in the main body, 14mm rubber mounted sleeves w/bushings to fit 10mm (to date)

What kind of shocks do Husqvarna Husky use?

If your springs are pitted or you simply want new ones, we stock all sizes/rates in black or yellow. If you need heim joints, spacers, heim seals, rubber reservoir mounts, clamps, spring retainers , etc, we have all those and more.