Are vaccine diluents interchangeable?

It is important to reconstitute vaccine using only the diluent provided by the manufacturer for each specific vaccine. Diluents are not interchangeable. Using the wrong diluent, substituting normal saline, or using sterile water makes the vaccine ineffective and less able to provide protection against disease.

Which vaccines are mixed with diluents before use?

BCG, measles and yellow fever vaccines must be reconstituted before they can be used. Reconstitution means mixing the dry powder form of a vaccine with a fluid called a diluent so that the vaccine can be injected. Follow the steps indicated below to reconstitute vaccines.

Should vaccine diluents be stored at room temperature?

Protect from light. There are 2 meningococcal conjugate vaccines; Menactra is nonlyophilized, and Menveo is lyophilized. Both powder and diluent should be stored at 35°F-46°F. The lyophilized pellet may be stored at freezer temperature; the reconstituted vaccine should be stored at refrigerator temperature.

How do you mix varivax?

To reconstitute the vaccine, first withdraw the total volume of provided sterile diluent into a syringe. Inject all of the withdrawn diluent into the vial of lyophilized vaccine and gently agitate to mix thoroughly.

Which tetanus shot after wound?

Persons aged 7 years or older who are not fully immunized against pertussis, tetanus, or diphtheria should receive one dose of Tdap (preferably the first) for wound management and as part of the catch-up series; if additional tetanus toxoid-containing doses are required, either Td or Tdap vaccine can be used.

How do I reconstitute my BCG vaccine?

Currently BCG vaccine is freeze-dried powder and sealed under vacuum in a glass ampoule. The powder has to be diluted with saline water and injected within hrs, which often incurs errors owing to inappropriate opening of the glass ampoule and mishandling of the reconstitution.

What is the proper way to store vaccines?

Storing Vaccine

  1. Store vaccines in their original packaging with lids closed in separate containers until ready for administration to protect them from light and provide additional thermal stability/protection.
  2. Place vaccines and diluents with the earliest expiration dates in front of those with later expiration dates.

What temperature does the Pfizer Covid vaccine need to be stored at?

Before mixing, the vaccine may be stored in the refrigerator between 2°C and 8°C (36°F and 46°F) for up to 1 month (31 days). After 31 days, contact the manufacturer for guidance.


VARIVAX is administered as an approximately 0.5-mL dose by subcutaneous injection into the outer aspect of the upper arm (deltoid region) or the anterolateral thigh. Do not administer this product intravascularly or intramuscularly.