Are Volkswagen Fox reliable?

Reliability & safety Despite the low-cost appearance of the cabin, it feels robustly built and there have been no major buyer complaints. Many of the Fox’s parts and electrical components are based on the larger Volkswagen Polo of the time, and has proved generally reliable.

What year did the VW Fox come out?

The Volkswagen Fox is a subcompact car produced and designed by Volkswagen of Brazil and sold in Latin America since 2003 and in Europe from 2005 to 2011, where it was sold as the city car offering. Currently the Fox is produced as a three-door and five-door hatchback.

Did the VW Up replace the fox?

A successor model was developed by VW as a study New Small Family, which as VW up! replaced the Fox in December 2011.

When did VW come to America?

Volkswagens were first exhibited and sold in the United States in 1949 but sold only two units in America that first year. On entry to the US market, the VW was briefly sold as a Victory Wagon. Volkswagen of America was formed in April 1955 to standardise sales and service in the United States.

How many miles will a VW Fox do?


Power 54 bhp
Torque 108 Nm, 80 ft-lb
CO2 Emissions 139 g/km
Euro Emissions Standard 4
Miles Per Tank 517 miles

How many miles does a VW Fox last?

Volkswagen cars typically last around 100,000 miles as long as it is serviced and taken good care of. VW cars you buy today usually last longer than VWs that are just 10 years old. However, like most vehicles, you can only achieve this mile mark if you continuously take the car for regular maintenance.

How many miles can a VW Fox last?

Does a VW Fox have a Cambelt?

Timing Belt Kit Volkswagen FOX Thetiming belt kit of your FOX is necessary for the synchronisation of the movements of the pistons and valves in the engine. In general, you need to change the timing belt kit of your FOX every five years or every 74.500 miles.

What does Volkswagen mean in English?

the people’s car
Volkswagen — In German, Volkswagen means “the people’s car.”

Does VW Fox have aircon?

The easiest way to regulate the interior temperature in the Fox is with ‘Climatic’ semi-automatic air conditioning, enabling you to select exactly the required temperature, optional on both models.