Are Vox valvetronix amps any good?

Vox introduced its Valvetronix amps way back in 2001, and they’re still going strong today, outlasting most of the modelling amp competition along the way. There’s no real secret to this; they sound superb – and while they aren’t the cheapest, the sounds and build quality more than compensate for that.

Is the Vox VT40X a good amp?

Vox VT40X Sound Vox has really done a great job with this modeler! The amp is capable of some great clean sounds which feel dynamic and warm which is hard to capture in the digital world. Its even capable of some great high gain rock and metal sounds that get really crunchy and tube like!

Is the Vox VT40X a tube amp?

These new amplifiers also feature a multi-stage Valvetronix tube preamp. This preamp design incorporates authentic analog circuitry to achieve the subtle tonal adjustments and capture the nuances that are distinctive of vacuum tube amps.

Is the Vox vt120+ a tube amp?

Based on the acclaimed VOX Valve Reactor circuit, which utilizes a genuine 12AX7 vacuum tube in the power stage, these advanced digital amplifiers retain the familiar warmth of a genuine tube amp.

What does valvetronix mean?

The Vox Valvetronix Amp (designed by Korg, who now own title to the Vox name) is a modelling amplifier with a difference — instead of trying to use digital modelling to emulate absolutely every aspect of the sound, the designers have instead created a hybrid of a conventional guitar stage amplifier and a modelling …

What Speaker is in a vox VT40X?

The VT40X had one 10″ Vox speaker in a closed back, bass reflex MDF enclosure. Valvetronix amplifiers have always featured a digital preamp section that included a plethora of amp models and digital effects.

How do I connect my tone room to my amp?

[Android] “Location” setting (Open the “Setting” -> “Personal”) needs to be ON in order to scan your Bluetooth low energy devices. Launch Tone Room and tap the Bluetooth button under the “Select target device” display. Tap your Bluetooth MIDI device from the list to connect.

What amps does the Vox VT40X model?

Compare to Similar Best Sellers

This item: Vox VT40X 40-watt 1×10″ Modeling Combo Amp $ 349 .99 + FREE Shipping 50 reviews
Amp Modeling 11 x Voices
EQ 3-band EQ
Inputs 1 x 1/4″ (instrument), 1 x 1/8″ (aux)
USB 1 x USB Mini-B

When did the Vox VT40X come out?

January 4, 2016
Product information

Item Weight 24.3 pounds
Is Discontinued By Manufacturer No
Date First Available January 4, 2016
Color Name MultiColored
Output Wattage 40 Watts

Is the Vox valvetronix a tube amp?

Valvetronix VTX Features One major feature is the multi-stage tube pre-amp circuit. Here Vox combines a 12AX7 vacuum tube with the solid-state preamp. VOx VTX amps also have a USB port for connecting to the Vox Toneroom software, which enables deep editing of amp models, effects, and presets.

What’s the wattage of a Vox Valvetronix vt40x?

The 40-watt 1×10 VT40X has a restyled sealed cabinet, with a clever bass reflex design to enhance the 10-inch driver’s bass response. Inside the chassis, there’s a new digital signal processor that, along with other components, takes advantage of 15 years of technological progress to offer more realistic sounds than ever before.

Which is the most realistic Vox Valvetronix model?

The Vox models are uncannily realistic, especially the AC30TB, which captures the original’s class A grind and vocal solo voice. Other old favourites such as Boutique OD (based on a Dumble) and a Double Rectifier have more dynamic range, with a sweeter, more detailed top-end that comes almost uncomfortably close to the real thing.

Can a Vox vt40x be used as a headphone jack?

The amp can be dark with certain settings which will be key to how well it cuts through the noise when playing with a band. The Vox VT40X does not have a USB option for recording like other modelers, but if you want to record it direct, you can use the headphone jack.

How many inputs does a vox guitar amp have?

The preamp is powered by 12AX7 tube. Vox VT40X has one output for headphones and 4 inputs (for your guitar, aux, footswitch, and a Mini-BUSB). The amp has 11 stored programs with 3 modes each that imitate the sounds of some of the most renowned amplifiers.