Are weejuns comfy?

Straight out of the box, my Weejuns felt comfortable and required no breaking in at all, which was convenient and impressive, as leather materials often take a while to stretch and mold to your feet. I usually wear a size 11.5 in most shoes, but the rule of thumb is to order a half size down, so I got an 11.

Are weejuns real leather?

Materials: The Weejuns feature a leather upper that is fairly pliable and has a decent sheen to it. The leather itself is a corrected grain leather which is how it gets its sheen.

Do weejuns run large?

They run very true to size. 2 found this review helpful. These shoes are great for work and comfortable to wear all day. Stick to your true size.

How long do weejuns last?

Our Verdict on Weejuns Generally then, we think that the $110 price point is just about right for a modern pair of Weejuns. If cared for properly, they could certainly last you for a handful of years and could be resold by a skilled cobbler, assuming you have leather soled models.

How do you break in Bass weejuns?

Weejuns are notoriously tough to break in, even more so than the Gucci bit loafer. Some owners, on acquiring a pair, habitually pad around the house wearing them with thick socks—or treat the insides with Vaseline or even stick them under the mattress, as if they’re baseball gloves.

How long do Weejuns last?

How do you break in Bass Weejuns?

Do weejuns stretch?

Weejuns soles are leather, so they are slippery on ice. The leather will stretch a bit and relax after you wear them few times and they’ll be great friends for years to come.

What is a weejun?

Featuring a signature strip of leather stitched across the saddle of the shoe, these penny loafers harkened back to traditional shoes worn by Norwegian fishermen, hence the name “Weejuns.”

How long do loafers take to break in?

Leather shoe break-in can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on the leather and construction.

Do loafers break in?

We’ve all been there: you buy a new pair of loafers, absolutely can’t wait to wear them, and then immediately regret not breaking them in when the blisters and cuts settle in. Luckily, softening the leather can be done quickly and easily. For five tricks to break in your loafers, read on below: 1.

Who is the owner of the weejun brand?

And since 2013, the brand has been owned by the G3 apparel group. Today, Bass has expanded the original range of Weejun styles to include a much broader range of options. There are weejuns in the classic leather style, of course, but also in patterned fabric, suede, faux lizard skin, and more.

How much does a pair of Weejuns loafers cost?

Both of these pairs retail on the Bass website for a price of $110. This is the standard price for most pairs of Weejuns although Bass does offer other styles for as little as $95 and as much as $195. Both of the styles we selected features smooth leather soles with rubber top lifts on the heels, as well as a handcrafted welt.

What are the styles of G.H bass Weejuns?

For today’s review, we selected two different styles of Weejuns from G.H Bass & Co. to find out if they really are worth the investment. First is the Logan, which is billed as the original style and a modern take on the 1936 classic. It comes with a dyed edge leather sole and a flat strap across the vamp.

When did the bass weejun loafers come out?

Their flagship product line, the Weejun, has been a staple of Prep and Ivy dress codes since its original introduction back in 1936. But before we zero in on Bass Weejuns, we’ll also brush up on what loafers really are. What Are Loafers, Really? Firstly, and perhaps most obviously, a loafer has no laces.