Can a Desert Eagle shoot 50 Cal?

The “AE” in the Desert Eagle 50 AE means “Action Express”, which is the name for the gas-powered mechanism in the Desert Eagle that allows it to shoot the enormous . 50 caliber bullets. In case you’re not aware, that’s a larger caliber bullet than certain assault rifles.

How far can a 50 cal Desert Eagle shoot?

Desert Eagle
Action Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Muzzle velocity 1542 ft/s (470 m/s) (.50AE)
Maximum firing range 201 meters (220 yd)
Feed system Detachable stick magazine; capacities: 9 rounds (.357) 8 rounds (.41 and .44) 7 rounds (.429 DE, .440 Cor-Bon and .50 AE)

How much does a Desert Eagle 50 caliber go for?

The only real downside to the Desert Eagle is in the price. You are looking at a minimum of $1,500, all the way up to nearly $2,200 for a brand-new one.

How powerful is a Desert Eagle 50 caliber?

The very fact that this gun is able to handle 0.50 caliber rounds certainly does give it some “bang for your buck”. As an aside 0.50 caliber is the largest “legal” caliber allowed for a handgun in the U.S. Its magazines can go from 0.357 to 0.50ae where smallest has 7 bullet capacity and largest 9 bullet capacity.

What guns shoot 50mg?


  • Accuracy International AS50.
  • Accuracy International AW50.
  • Accuracy International AX50.
  • Armalite AR-50.
  • Arms Tech Ltd. TTR-50.
  • Barrett M82/M107.
  • Barrett M95.
  • Barrett M99.

Who makes the best 50 caliber pistol?

Smith & Wesson Model S&W500, 500 Smith & Wesson Magnum Of course, this is what you get when you load a . 50-caliber cartridge to a staggering pressure of 60,000 psi, which is almost twice the pressure of the 50 AE. With a power factor of 583, the 500 Smith & Wesson outperforms the .

What is the most powerful Desert Eagle?

Magnum Research Desert Eagle, 50 Action Express Most of the really powerful handgun cartridges are housed in revolvers, but the 50 Action Express (AE) is an exception. It will push a 300-grain bullet out of the barrel of a Magnum Research Desert Eagle at 1475 fps and generate almost as much muzzle energy as the .

What’s the best 50 caliber rifle?

Best . 50 BMG Rifles

  1. Barrett M82A1. This is the classic .
  2. ArmaLite AR-50A1. BONUS: Shoot better.
  3. Accuracy International AX50. 50 BMG, then the Accuracy International AX50 is possibly the best option civilians can get their hands on.
  4. Serbu Firearms BFG-50.
  5. Safety Harbor SHTF-50.
  6. Barrett M95.
  7. Remington R2Mi Bolt Action Rifle.

What is the best 50 cal sniper?

Barrett M82A1: This Is the Most Powerful Sniper Rifle To Ever Fire A Shot. The Barrett . 50 BMG was a shoulder fired, semi-automatic rifle designed around the . 50 BMG cartridge.

What is the price of a Desert Eagle?

The Desert Eagle is a gun which makes its selection in the “pistol” category. It costs $800. It can be well known as the strongest pistol, and is also known as one of the strongest guns in the game.

What is a Desert Eagle handgun?

The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic handgun notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol. It is also (according to most sources) the most powerful magazine-fed semi-automatic commercial handgun, by virtue of the muzzle energy it can generate. Magnum Research Inc .

What is Desert Eagle?

Desert Eagle. The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic handgun notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol.