Can a Mira shower be repaired?

If there’s an issue with your Mira shower, we’re here to help. Book a repair online to get your shower up and running again – our expert service engineers can come to you. Time for an upgrade? Find out more about our Supply & Fit service for new showers.

How long are Mira Showers guaranteed for?

1 year for shower spare parts. 1 year for power showers. 2 years for electric showers. 2 or 3 years for shower pumps.

How do you fix a leaking Mira shower?

How to fix a leaky shower head

  1. Turn off your water supply. Before you get started, turn off the water supply to avoid any unpleasant surprises later on.
  2. Clean the shower head.
  3. Check for a worn seal.
  4. Reattach the shower head and turn on the water.
  5. Turn your attention to the valve.

Why does my Mira shower keep cutting out?

There are three common reasons for cut-outs in electric showers. These reasons include low water pressure, triggered thermal cut-outs, and the build-up of limescale. Low water pressure can be fixed with the right shower pump. Limescale can be fixed by cleaning the shower and installing a soft water device.

Who do I call to fix an electric shower?

A Local Heroes Plumber can replace, repair, and install your electric shower, as they are qualified to safely work with electricals along with being experts in all things plumbing.

Why is my shower leaking from the bottom?

The most common reason a shower is leaking from the bottom is because of a crack in the shower pan or tub. If there is a crack in your shower pan or tub, water resistant, silicone caulking can be a temporary fix but ultimately, you will want to replace the tub or shower pan as a permanent solution.

Where can I get Mira shower spares in the UK?

We are the UK’s largest official stockists of Mira shower spares, with most Mira spare parts ready for same day despatch. We stock shower spares for Mira electric showers, Mira mixer showers, Mira bar mixer showers and Mira digital showers, including Mira shower heads, Mira shower head holders, Mira shower hoses, and internal spare parts.

Where can I find a model of a Mira shower head?

Tap a model’s name to view more detailed information. All models relating to Mira shower heads. Tap on any icon in the list below to view a preview of that model. Tap a model’s name to view more detailed information.

Are there any spare parts for a Creda shower?

AKW Aqualisa Armitage Shanks Bristan Creda Crosswater Daryl Delabie Gainsborough Galaxy Glen Dimplex Grohe Grundfos Watermill hansgrohe Heatrae Heritage Bathrooms Hudson Reed Ideal Standard Inta Inventive Creations Meynell Mira MX NewTeam Pura Bathrooms Rada Redring ShowerForce Sirrus Softline Stuart Turner Trevi Triton Twyford Ultra Vado Why NSS?

Which is the best brand of shower spares?

Choose Manufacturer All Manufacturers AKW Aqualisa Armitage Shanks Bristan Creda Crosswater Croydex Daryl Delabie Gainsborough Galaxy Grohe hansgrohe Heritage Bathrooms Ideal Standard Inta Inventive Creations Meynell Mira MX NewTeam Rada Redring Trevi Triton Twyford Ultra Vado The manufacturer of your shower.