Can GVM be increased?

To make sure your vehicle meets the needed regulations, one thing to remember is that your vehicle needs to remain in its upgraded state (for example, the rims must stay rated for the higher GVM). As for new vehicles, GVM upgrades are only granted by the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

Can I increase the towing capacity of my HiLux?

AAAA’s Stuart Charity confirmed that there is no restriction on modifying suspension to increase the load carrying capacity of a vehicle, improve the ride or gain extra ground clearance as long as the changes are within the Federal regulations.

What is the GVM of a HiLux?

An owner would be better served by basing tow limits on the HiLux’s 3050kg GVM, which drops the tow rating from 3500kg to 2800kg but preserves almost 800kg of payload.

How do you increase the GVM of a trailer?

GVM upgrade involves a complete upgrade of the componentry to allow a greater carrying capacity, which is generally:

  1. Upgrading springs.
  2. Upgrading axles.
  3. Upgrading tyres.
  4. Upgrading coupling.
  5. And brakes.

What happens if you exceed GVM?

If it exceeds the GVM rating, your vehicle is overweight and therefore illegal. There’s also a maximum load that your vehicle’s front and rear axles can carry as specified by the manufacturer in the owner’s manual.

Is a GVM upgrade legal?

Pre-registration GVM upgrades for brand new vehicles that haven’t ever been registered are federally approved and not subject to NSW legislation, for now.

Does a GVM upgrade increase towing capacity?

Does a GVM upgrade reduce my towing capacity? No. A GVM upgrade does not change how much weight your vehicle is legally allowed to tow, as it does not increase the Gross Combined Mass (GCM).

How much does a GVM upgrade cost?

The GVM Upgrade Cost varies from a few hundred dollars for an engineers certificate to around $7000 for a full, top of the range suspension kit and GVM upgrade (or more if you are getting extended chassis/diff replacements etc).

Can you upgrade GVM after registration?

Can I get a GVM upgrade if my vehicle is already registered? Yes. Upgrading a vehicle’s GVM before first registration is much easier, as the vehicle is in its original manufacturer’s state including tyres with no vehicle alteration.

What is involved in a GVM upgrade?

A GVM upgrade varies for each vehicle, but generally includes shock absorbers, strut shock absorbers, coil springs, leaf springs, and u-bolts for most 4×4 vehicles. To find out more about a GVM upgrade for your 4×4, get in touch with the team on (07) 4632 9782, or request a quote below.

How long does a GVM upgrade take?

Those seeking a GVM upgrade for their 4×4 in NSW will no doubt be surprised to learn that NSW changed GVM upgrade rules, literally overnight. The changes to the Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme (VSCCS) limit such increases to the vehicle’s axle mass rating.

Do I need GVM upgrade?

You also need to consider if you will be towing a trailer or caravan, and ensure that towing capacity (braked) also doesn’t exceed the manufacturer ratings. If you exceed the rating for any of these loads, then you need a GVM upgrade.

Are there any GVM upgrades for the Toyota Hilux?

ARB has now extended its range of Old Man Emu (OME) GVM upgrades to include Toyota HiLux models from 2015 on. After successfully obtaining approval to increase the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) for the HiLux, ARB has released two upgrade options to improve the original specified capacity from 3000kg to either 3150kg or 3465kg.

How big is the EMU on a 2020 Hilux?

GVM Upgrades (Toyota HiLux 2020 on) (4×4 only): upgrades to *3465kg & 3180kg available (*min of 600kg permanently carried load). GVM Upgrades (Toyota HiLux 2020 on) (Rogue/Rugged X): upgrade to *3465kg available (*min of 600kg permanently carried load).

Do you need a stud rim for a Toyota Hilux?

Important: When fitting a Lovells 3500kg GVM Upgrade to the Toyota Hilux 2WD high ride, the vehicle must have a minimum tyre load index of 110 and 6 stud rims to remain compliant. (Does not suit low-ride/non-high-ride 2WD variants which run 5 stud wheels).

What are GVM upgrade kits for Isuzu DMAX?

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