Can you camp anywhere in Kananaskis?

Random camping is permitted in Wildland Provincial Parks with some restrictions and recommendations. Random camping is not permitted within 1 kilometre of a designated camping facility. Random camping is not permitted within 1 kilometre of a road, Provincial Park or Provincial Recreation Area boundary.

How much is it to camp in Kananaskis?

Hiker-Cyclist Camping
Campgrounds with Hiker-Cyclist facilities Spray West Campground Pocaterra Overflow For 2021, the rate per night is $31 More info
Day Use areas where Hiker-Cyclist camping is permitted Buller Mountain Day Use Sawmill Day Use For 2021, the rate per night is $31 More info

Do you need a Kananaskis pass for camping?

Pass is not required* *Applicable camping and/or facility user fees still apply. Visitors are encouraged to buy their pass before arriving in the area. You can purchase your pass up until 11:59 pm on the first day of your visit.

Where can I car camp in Kananaskis?

Vehicle Access Kananaskis Camping

  • Interlakes Campground.
  • Canyon Campground.
  • Eau Claire Campground.
  • Spray Lakes West Campground.
  • Willow Rock Campground.

Is Kananaskis a provincial park?

Kananaskis Country is located West & SouthWest of Calgary and borders the town of Canmore and Banff National Park. Kananaskis Country includes five provincial parks, four wildland provincial parks, one ecological reserve and several provincial recreation areas.

Is random camping allowed in Alberta?

Random camping is allowed, giving you quick access to the Wapiabi and Blackstone Rivers. Moose, elk, bears, and wolves all call the area home, so it can be an excellent choice for (careful) wildlife watching in Alberta as well.

What does walk in tenting mean?

Walk-in tenting campsites are accessible by foot; they are located a short distance from the nearest parking area. These sites are noted in the details for each campground.

Is Kananaskis closed?

What to Expect: Campground is closed for all of 2021. Trail to North Kananaskis Pass will remain open but access to campground to use toilets or picnic areas will not be available.

Can you sleep in your car in Kananaskis?

Yes, it’s allowed.

What provincial parks are in Kananaskis?


  • Bearberry Prairie Natural Area. Canoeing/Kayaking Fishing Hiking – Front Country Hunting.
  • Bentz Lake Natural Area.
  • Big Elbow Provincial Recreation Area.
  • Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.
  • Bluerock Wildland Provincial Park.
  • Bow Valley Wildland Provincial Park.
  • Bow Valley Provincial Park.
  • Bragg Creek Provincial Park.

Where is Kananaskis Canada?

Kananaskis Country is located on the eastern slopes of the Canadian Rockies, west and south of the Olympic city of Calgary, Alberta. Its western border is the Continental Divide south of the resort towns of Banff and Canmore.

Where can you camp for free in Alberta?

Some Great Places to Find (Nearly) Free Camping in Alberta

  • Abraham Lake (Bighorn Backcountry)
  • Kiska/Wilson (Bighorn Backcountry)
  • Dormier/Sheep (Bighorn Backcountry)
  • Panther Corners (Bighorn Backcountry)
  • Blackstone/Wapiabi (near Rocky Mountain House)
  • Ghost (near Banff National Park)

Are there any campgrounds in Kananaskis Country Alberta?

Now, with over five million dollars recently invested by Alberta Parks in the Kananaskis Country facilities, including the campgrounds, this area is even better. Towering, jagged mountains rise up from the valley floor, where you’ll find an assortment of cold, clear lakes.

Do you need conservation pass to camp in Kananaskis?

Effective June 1, 2021, a Kananaskis Conservation Pass is required to park your vehicle at provincial park and public land sites in Kananaskis and the Bow Valley. Kananaskis Country has two broad types of camping – “vehicle-access” and “backcountry.”

Is there a boat launch in Kananaskis Lake?

Hiking trails leave right from the campground, and the Lodgepole Biking Trail runs through here, which joins this campground with others in the area. From this area, you also have access to a boat launch on Lower Kananaskis Lake. Sites are first-come, first-served, and the registration kiosk is on the right as you enter the campground area.

What’s the weather like in Kananaskis Country Alberta?

Camping in Kananaskis Country is mountain camping, meaning nights are cool, and days can be filled with changeable weather. It can be sunny and warm one minute and then breezy, cloudy, and cold the next. A majority of the campgrounds are in the 1,524-meter (5,000-feet) range.