Can you canoe at Turkey Run State Park?

Canoeing & Kayaking Beautiful Sugar Creek flows through Turkey Run State Park. Enjoy canoe, kayak or tube trips on one of Indiana’s most scenic rivers.

How much does it cost to canoe at Turkey Run?

Sugar Valley Canoes (1467 E SR 47 Marshall, IN | 1.800. 422.6638) offers a 3 ½ mile trip for $10 per person. This trip took 5 of us about an hour to an hour and a half (exactly what is expected). Trip times differ depending on the water level and if you stop to swim along the way.

Can I take my own kayak to Turkey Run?

Although you can bring your own canoe, many people look for a Turkey Run State Park canoe rental, and these are the trips that are offered. Entry and exit points are marked in blue, points of interest are in red, and state parks are marked in green.

Is Turkey Run State Park open during Covid 19?

Turkey Run State Park is open daily from 7 am to 11 pm. Some other activities may be closed or limited in the winter.

How deep is the river at Turkey Run?

2-4 feet
The river generally ranges from 2-4 feet deep with a bottom of rubble or sand. The stream runs clear except after rain when it tends to become muddy.

Can you kayak at Shades State Park?

Paddle through Shades State Park and Turkey Run State Park. You will paddle thru areas with a few rocks, just go around them and thru class one riffles. Just bring your sense of adventure.

How long is Sugar Creek in Indiana?

Section Details

Trip Length Multiday, 124.0 Miles
Camping Yes
Manager State, Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Wild & Scenic No
Water Trail Yes

Is Turkey Run in Brown County?

Turkey Run is located in Marshall and is known for its gorges and views of Sugar Creek. Brown County State Park is located in Nashville and has been nicknamed “The Little Smokies for its hills and vistas.

Why do they call it turkey run?

The origin of the name “Turkey Run” is unknown, but the most accepted theory is that wild turkeys would congregate for warmth in the gorges (or “runs”), where early settlers could easily trap and hunt them. …

Why is it called Turkey Run?

Turkey Run is Indiana’s second state park. There are many legends about how Turkey Run got its name. Since historic accounts suggest that large numbers of turkeys lived here, it follows that turkeys in the runs prompted the area’s name, Turkey Run. The early pioneers have also left traces of their heritage here.

Which is better Shades or Turkey Run?

While Turkey Run may have more miles of trails and the more awe formations and canyons, Shades has the isolation and the serenity of nature I prefer! We hiked an entire section of one of the trails without seeing another hiker. High atop Devil’s Backbone in the Pine Hill Nature Preserve.

Where to go kayaking in Turkey Run Indiana?

Turkey Run Canoeing and Kayaking on Sugar Creek Sugar Creek, one of Indiana’s most scenic rivers, flows right through the heart of Turkey Run State Park. While the park does not operate any boat rentals or canoe services, several local canoe liveries operate on Sugar Creek offering canoe, kayak and tube trips.

Where is the Turkey run canoe and camping?

Turkey Run Canoe & Camping is privately-owned family friendly campground conveniently located within a few miles of local shops, gas stations, and canoe outfitters to help complete your camping experience. We are located 2 miles west of the Turkey Run Sate Park, a staple in Parke County.

Where is Turkey Run State Park in Indiana?

You’ll marvel at the natural geologic wonders of this beautiful park as you hike along its famous trails. Nestled along State Road 47 southwest of Crawfordsville, the park offers the chance to explore deep, sandstone ravines, walk along stands of aged forests, and enjoy the scenic views along Sugar Creek.

Are there campsites at Turkey Run State Park?

Youth groups can take advantage of the Youth Tent Camp. The Camp Store can help with any last minute needs. The Turkey Run State Park Campground features 213 electric (Class A) campsites, 6 of which are wheelchair accessible. These modern sites include: The Turkey Run State Park Campground features two group Youth Tent Camps for: