Can you cycle the manifold way?

The Manifold Way is a perfect route for walking, cycling and riding. It is tarmacked with a well-maintained surface, which also makes it ideal for wheelchair users and those with prams or pushchairs.

Where do I start the manifold trail?

Start at Weag’s Bridge in the Manifold Valley.

How long is the Manifold Valley cycle track?

The 8.25 mile route runs alongside the River Manifold, which is a tributary of the River Dove. From Spring to Autumn large parts of the river bed in the valley are dry.

Is manifold track flat?

An easy, child-friendly route, the Manifold Track is a mostly flat tarmac path for cyclists and walkers accessible from car park at either end of the trail and at points along its length.

Where is manifold Valley Show held?

The 40th Manifold Valley Agricultural Show will take place on Saturday 10th August, situated in a beautiful location, close to Dovedale, on the Staffordshire / Derbyshire borders, at The Arbour, Ilam, near Ashbourne.

Where is manifold in the UK?

The River Manifold is a river in Staffordshire, England. It is a tributary of the River Dove (which also flows through the Peak District, forming the boundary between Derbyshire and Staffordshire)….River Manifold.

• location South of Buxton near Axe Edge
• location Confluence with the Dove

Where is the Manifold Valley?

The Manifold rises at Flash Head just south of Buxton near Axe Edge, at the northern edge of the White Peak, known for its limestone beds. It continues for 12 miles (19 km) before it joins the Dove. For part of its course, it runs underground (except when in spate), from Wetton Mill to Ilam.

How many miles is manifold Valley?

19 km
River Manifold/Length

What date is manifold show?

41st Manifold Valley Agricultural Show – Saturday August 14th.

Why is the river Manifold dry?

The River Manifold (Staffordshire, UK) already experiences annual drying due to features of the underlying bedrock. For example, in England’s Peak District, the limestone bedrock – which gives us the undulating White Peak landscape – contains cracks and fissures into which surface water is lost.

Where is the village of manifold?

Situated on the edge of the Revidge Moors along the road south from Longnor, it has a fine view of the Manifold valley (Thor’s Cave can be seen from the top of the village).

Is Manifold Valley Open?

* Open: Sundays only February & November.

Where is the Manifold Way walking and Cycle Route?

The latter is a medium-distance trail (pedestrian and cycleway) on the course of the disused Leek and Manifold Valley light railway. The accessible part of the trail runs for 8-9 miles from Hulme End in the north along the Manifold Valley via Wetton Mill to Waterhouses in the south.

Where to hire a bike on the Manifold Way?

At the southern end of the route in Waterhouses you will find the Manifold Cycle Centre where you can hire bikes for your outing. The Manifold Valley Butterton, view south along the Manifold Valley and the Manifold Way.

Where are the rock formations in the Manifold Valley?

The path runs from Waterhouses to Hulme End along a former railway line with beauitful Peak District Scenery to enjoy. The route passes Beeston Tor, Wetton Mill and the wonderful Thor’s Cave which is well worth exploring. Inside you will find fascinating rock formations and mineral colours with wonderful views over the Manifold Valley.

How is the surface of the manifold trail?

 The surface of this trail is mostly very good, with just short sections of uneven surface where tree routes have caused damage to the smooth surface. The path follows the route of the old Manifold Valley Light Railway from Hulme to Waterhouses, which operated for passengers and goods from 1904 until closing in 1934.