Can you stay on Staniel Cay?

Best Places To Stay on Staniel Cay Embrace Resort is the newest accommodation option on the island, and the place we called home for a week on Staniel Cay. Embrace Resort offers affordable luxury villas to fit everyone’s budget. We stayed in the Ragged Island honeymoon villa, complete with jacuzzi.

How long is the boat ride from Nassau to Staniel Cay?

It is one hour from Nassau by powerboat. Other Exuma locations (Staniel Cay / Georgetown) are three hours plus to visit due to the logistics of “island hopping” the Cays. We hope to see you at Ship Channel Cay soon!

How do I get from Staniel Cay to Nassau?

There is no direct connection from Staniel Cay to Nassau. However, you can take the travel to Rock Sound then take the car ferry to Nassau. Alternatively, you can take the travel to Rock Sound airport, fly to Nassau, then take the taxi to Nassau.

Where is Staniel Cay located?

Exuma Cays
This beautiful island is located in the Exuma Cays, which is a district in the Bahamas about 75 miles south of Nassau. The population consists of a few locals – the island is home to about 120 full-time residents.

Is Staniel Cay safe?

Our little island of Staniel Cay is extremely safe (one of the safest places in the world!) —so much so that guests have been known to leave their kids with locals while they enjoy a short couples’ getaway! Locals regularly sleep at night with their door unlocked because the crime rate in Staniel Cay is basically 0!

How do you get around Staniel Cay?

Transportation and Getting Around Staniel Cay is a tiny island, less than two square miles, which means that you can easily get around on foot. While this is a great way to take in all the beauty this island has to offer, both locals and tourists mostly use golf carts to get around.

How do I get from Staniel Cay to Fort Lauderdale?

Fly across the aqua blue waters of the Bahamas directly into Staniel Cay from Ft. Lauderdale! Staniel Cay is accessible by boat, regularly scheduled flights, charter airplanes and private planes. For scheduled flights and charter services, Staniel Cay recommends Makers Air.

How long does it take to sail from Nassau to Outer Banks?

It takes approximately 9h 15m to get from Nassau to Outer Banks, including transfers.

What airport do you fly into for Staniel Cay?

Featuring two airports, you’ve got options when traveling to Staniel Cay. Consider where you’re staying and the areas you’ll be exploring, as this may help sway which flights you book. Exuma Intl. Airport (GGT) is 56 mi from all the action downtown, while TYM is about 0.1 mi away.

How do you fly into Staniel Cay?

Where is the Thunderball Grotto?

Staniel Cay
Located just west of Staniel Cay, this fantastic underwater cave system is great for snorkeling, diving, and wading. It is teeming with exotic marine life and a kaleidoscope of brilliantly colored coral reefs and fish, like yellow-tail snappers, Angel fish, Sergeant Majors and the like.

Can you fly into Staniel Cay?