Can you telemark with AT bindings?

Can I telemark on AT bindings? No. AT bindings aren’t designed for the stresses of telemark skiing. Furthermore, AT bindings pivot in front of the toe, while telemark bindings and boots are designed to flex at the ball of the foot with a spring for rebound.

What are NTN bindings?

The NTN Freeride is a binding for telemark and freeride skiing. It gives the skier unparalleled edge control and a variety of user benefits. It offers the simplicity and security of an alpine binding without sacrificing the freedom of the heels.

What is an NTN boot?

The 2021 Scarpa TX Pro NTN Telemark Boot is the standard of telemark boot performance. The NTN platform allows for compatibility with all the awesome NTN bindings available. The four buckle construction, in addition to a power strap and tech fittings, make this boot a multi-tool for all your skiing needs.

Can you telemark on backcountry skis?

Telemark gear works great for backcountry skiing as well. But without the desire to master the telemark turn, most ski mountaineering pros usually suggest AT gear.

What does NTN mean in telemark?

The New Telemark Norm (NTN) was developed to overcome the limitations of 75mm gear, especially with regard to step-in functionality, releasability, and improved control. There is no question that NTN systems have raised the bar in these characteristics, but the simple smooth flex of a 75mm system is not one of them.

How do telemark bindings work?

Telemarking is a combination of alpine and Nordic skiing. Generally, telemark skiers use alpine skis with specially designed Nordic bindings that fix only the toe of the ski boot to the ski, creating the “free heel”. Telemark turns use a bent knee in a lunging motion to engage the ski in a powerful arc.

How do I know if my ski boots are compatible with bindings?

If you own a boot with WTR soles and need a binding, look for the letters “WTR” in the product description or printed on the binding itself. Standard alpine ISO 5355 bindings or Alpine/GripWalk bindings are not WTR-compatible.

Do I need special boots for alpine touring bindings?

They require tech-specific boots or boots with inserts that feature molded toes and heels with slots in order to lock into the binding. Frame bindings are like traditional downhill ski bindings, but they have a rail that lifts away from your skis when in touring mode.

How do telemark skis work?

Which is the best Rottefella NTN freedom binding?

Starting with three pins, then Rivas, Superloops, Pitbulls, G3’s, Cobras, Bombers, Linkens, O1’s, multiple versions of NTN Freedom and a few more, I’ve skied them all, and have owned most of them. Based on this experience, I think the NTN Freedom is among the best overall bindings to date.

When did Rottefella come out with the NTN?

New Telemark Norm (NTN) was developed and brought to market by the Norwegian company Rottefella around 2007. As Kate Hourihan mentioned in her review of the NTN Freedom, the idea was to address several perceived shortcomings in existing 75mm telemark bindings, mainly a lack of torsional rigidity and a release function.

Is there heel lift on Rottefella Tour mode?

The resistance to heel lift in tour mode is still present in the Freedom, but is much reduced compared to the Freeride. And like the Freeride, it does seem to depend on the pre-load settings of the springs.

How does NTN binding connect to ski boot?

NTN bindings connect to the boot via the toe and a lug under the ball of the foot that connects with the boot’s “2nd heel”. For seven years Rottefella was the only brand producing NTN bindings until 22 Designs started manufacturing the NTN Outlaw in 2015, a powerful binding for strong skiers.