Can you trailer a Hunter 27?

7) Hunter 27 This capable little sailboat has the handling characteristics of a truly seaworthy boat and manages well in all kinds of conditions. And remember, the Hunter 27 is still a trailer sailor. The boat features a shoal draft of under 4-feet and a displacement of less than 8,000 pounds.

Are Hunter sailboats any good?

Yes Hunter is not a high end custom built boat but solidly built, sails well, has many innovative features, is very comfortable, and fit and finish is every bit as good as any of the other production brands out there.

Is Hunter 27 Edge?

The Hunter 27 Edge is an American trailerable sailboat that was designed in 2006 by the Hunter Design Team as a hybrid motorsailer and first built in 2008….Hunter 27 Edge.

Construction Fiberglass
LOA 26.35 ft (8.03 m)
LWL 24.18 ft (7.37 m)
Beam 8.33 ft (2.54 m)

Is Hunter sailboats still in business?

Hunter Marine is an American boat builder, now known as Marlow-Hunter, LLC, owned by David E. Marlow. The company also produces the Mainship powerboat brand….Hunter Marine.

Type Limited liability company
Headquarters Alachua, Florida , United States
Key people President: David E. Marlow (since August 2012)
Products Sailboats

Where are Hunter sailboats built?

Hunter is a North American leader in the manufacturing of sailboats and sailing yachts. Hunter yachts are built on a 38-acre parcel in Alachua, Florida.

Is a Hunter legend a blue water boat?

These are true blue water boats. The fiberglass is thick and because of this, the boats are heavy. But they can go through major storms and not break up. They have been rolled and came back up and keep going.

What is the status of tattoo yachts?

Tattoo Yachts has ended production of the 26, and is currently not producing any new boats. They continue to develop their new Tattoo 22, we will post any new information about it’s development and possible future production.

Who bought Hunter sailboats?

David Marlow
In 2012, David Marlow, head of Marlow Yachts in Palmetto, bought Hunter and some assets of Luhrs and Mainship for $1.9 million.