Can Zendaya dance?

Zendaya was born 1 September 1996 in Oakland, California, to father Kazembe and to mother Claire Stoermer. She also spent three years dancing with her former dance group called Future Shock Oakland. They danced such dances as Hip Hop and Hula.

What episode is something to dance for on?

The song was the second single from the soundtrack Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance and was used on a special episode of Shake It Up, (Apply It Up) which was the first 2012 episode from Shake It Up.

What does Ttylxox stand for?

Talk to You Later Hugs and Kisses
“TTYLXOX (short for “Talk to You Later Hugs and Kisses”, a combination of TTYL and XOX) is a song by American singer, model, and actress Bella Thorne from the soundtrack Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance.

Can Zendaya do trapeze?

Zendaya can sing, dance and act, and after doing many of her own stunts for The Greatest Showman, she has some trapeze skills under her belt, too. In her portrayal of Anne Wheeler, an acrobat and trapeze artist, Zendaya soars through the air using various ropes and bars in several of the film’s musical numbers.

Are Zendaya and Bella Thorne friends?

Bella revealed that Zendaya was her “first friend in Hollywood.” “Zendaya and I met at the test for Shake It Up,” she told Teen Vogue. in an interview at the time. “We instantly hit it off and then [we’ve been] really, really close since that.”

Did Zendaya and Zac Efron use stunt doubles?

It turns out that Zac Efron and Zendaya did actually do their impressive aerial stunt together in “The Greatest Showman.” Speaking with MTV News, the actors revealed that the scene may have looked pretty, but the filming of it was far from easy (or elegant).

Did Zendaya and Zac Efron get along?

Zac Efron, a former co-star of Zendaya’s, weighs in on what it’s like to share a set with this 22-year-old actress. It’s clear that Efron and Zendaya share a friendship off-screen. The two have been known to post goofy pictures of one another, and wish each other a happy birthday on their respective Instagram pages.

What’s the name of Zendaya’s song with Bella Thorne?

So, TTYLXOX. Be, be, be my BFF. ‘Cause IDK what’s coming next. And I’ll be LMHO with the rest. So, TTYLXOX. [Choruses at same time: Zendaya & Bella Thorne] A dream like this. Not something you wish for. A dream like this.

What’s the best thing to do with Zendaya?

1 Whodunit 2 TTYLXOX 3 Something to Dance For 4 Up Up And Away 5 Show Ya How 6 Make Your Mark 7 Dont Push Me 8 Turn It On 9 Moves Like Magic

When did something to dance for come out?

“Something to Dance For / TTYLXOX (Mash-Up)” is a mash-up song, performed by Zendaya & Bella Thorne and is included on the season 2 soundtrack, Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance. The song is a mash-up of Something to Dance For and TTYLXOX. The music video premiered on March 9th, 2012.