Did Batista really break John Cena neck?

Arguably the most love/hated Superstar in the WWE, John Cena has suffered a herniated disc in his neck at Summerslam. The injury happened during his match against Batista. Indeed, this is a tough break for the WWE as well.

When did John Cena tied Batista with tape?

John Cena uses duct tape to tie Batista down: Extreme Rules 2010.

Who beat Batista?

Triple H
At WrestleMania 35, former WWE Champion Triple H defeated Batista and retired him from the company, calling an end to The Animal’s illustrious WWE career. After leaving WWE in 2014, Batista returned in 2018 to be a part of Evolution’s reunion on the 1000th episode of WWE SmackDown.

Who is John Cena’s wife?

Shay Shariatzadehm. 2020
Elizabeth Huberdeaum. 2009–2012
John Cena/Wife
WWE wrestler and movie star John Cena is a married man. Cena and girlfriend Shay Shariatzadeh were married in a private ceremony on Monday in Tampa, according to multiple reports. The couple had been dating since early 2019.

How many times John Cena taps out?

Cena really has tapped out on three separate occasions in his career in WWE. Don’t expect them to be mentioned at all, though. The three men who have done the feat are Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle.

Has John Cena lost a last man standing match?

Del Rio won, marking Cena’s second Last Man Standing loss, but it took a lot of extra help. Ricardo Rodriguez’s distraction and pestering affected Cena, but not nearly as much as the mauling from The Miz and R-Truth did. It appears that the only way to keep Cena down for a 10-count is to enlist allies.

Is John Cena raw or SmackDown?

John Cena is now a free agent, which means he can work with stars from both Raw and SmackDown Live. Cena confirmed his free agent status when he made his return to SmackDown Live a few weeks ago, but fans have yet to see the 16 time WWE World Champion appear on Monday Night Raw.

Will John Cena be at SummerSlam?

Despite not being a regular on WWE TV , John Cena will still need a big match at SummerSlam. With Money In The Bank now in the history books, WWE fans are beginning to turn their attention towards the company’s Summer period.

Is John Cena in WrestleMania 34?

JOHN CENA will take on The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34 tonight inside the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. That’s according to the Wrestling Observer who have revealed WWE’s plans for the magnificent event in New Orleans.

Who did John Cena fight?

On the August 4 episode of Raw, Cena became a World Tag Team Champion for a second time, teaming with Batista to defeat Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, but failed to retain the championship the following week against the former champions. Cena lost to Batista at SummerSlam .