Did Hatton Garden robbers get caught?

Hatton Garden heist: police arrest 7 men in morning raid Four of the men, aged 67, 74, 58 and 48, were arrested in Enfield; one, aged 59, was arrested in east London; and two other men, aged 76 and 50, were arrested in Dartford.

How much money was stolen at Hatton Garden?

He was found guilty of conspiracy to burgle Hatton Garden Safe Deposit and conspiracy to handle the proceeds after £143,000 of gold ingots, gems and jewellery was found in his bedroom. Of the £13.6 million of property stolen in the heist, only around £4.5 million – roughly a third – has been recovered by police.

How many years did Hatton Garden robbers get?

Police had found 11 gold bullion bars at Noye’s home though and he and Reader were jailed for eight and 14 years respectively for conspiracy to handle stolen goods. Noye would later reach new levels of infamy for the road rage murder of Stephen Cameron and is currently serving a life sentence.

Is the Hatton Garden safe deposit still open?

Unsurprisingly Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Ltd has since gone into liquidation. Owners of the items recovered have had to prove ownership of their property before it could be returned to them.

Why did Basil get 10 years?

Michael Seed, known as ‘Basil the Ghost’, was jailed for 10 years in March 2019 for his role in the £13.6 million heist. In October 2020, Seed, now 60, was ordered to pay back £5,997,684.93 from the raid or serve an extra seven years in jail under a law to confiscate criminals’ ill-gotten gains.

Is Brian Reader still in jail?

Brian Reader, 81, handed over just 6 percent of his multi-million pound cut of the £13.7million raid despite his confiscation order two years ago. Hatton Garden mastermind Reader, of Dartford, Kent, was freed from jail in 2018 after serving half his six-year and three-month sentence.

Did they ever catch basil from Hatton Garden?

Michael Seed, 59, from Islington, nicknamed “Basil”, played a key role in the £14m safe deposit raid in 2015. Only £4.5m has ever been recovered. Seed, an alarm specialist, was jailed for 10 years for his role in the crime in March 2019.

What happened to Brian Reader?

Brian Reader, 81, handed over just 6 percent of his multi-million pound cut of the £13.7million raid despite his confiscation order two years ago. A judge has now decided that Reader, who had until April 2019 to pay back the sum or face seven years in jail should not go to prison.

How old is Michael seed?

Michael Seed, known as ‘Basil’, 58, was convicted in March 2019 for his part in the £13.69million heist, believed to be one of the largest burglaries in English history.

Was Hatton Garden an inside job?

The £14million raid on the Hatton Garden security vault must have been an inside job, a security guard told a court today. Mt Stockwell explained how the alarm was triggered on April 3 but he inspected the premises and found the doors were secure at around 1.15am.

Did they find basil from Hatton Garden?

What did Basil stand for in Hatton Garden?

best alarm specialist in
Throughout the trial, Seed denied being “Basil” which, it has been suggested, stood for “best alarm specialist in London”. But he conceded that “everyone in prison calls me Basil… I’ll be Basil for ever.”