Do apps still support Android 5?

Beginning in December 2020, the Box Android applications will no longer support the use of Android versions 5, 6, or 7. After the EOL date, Android users will be able to continue to use any previously downloaded versions of the apps on devices running Android 5, 6, or 7. …

What’s the best mail app for Android?

Top Best Email Apps for Android

  • Google Gmail.
  • Microsoft Outlook.
  • VMware Boxer.
  • K-9 Mail.
  • Aqua Mail.
  • Blue Mail.
  • Newton Mail.
  • Yandex.Mail.

How do I enable app permissions on Android 5?

Use the Settings app on your device:

  1. On your device, open your device’s Settings app .
  2. Tap Apps or Application Manager (depending on your device, this may be different).
  3. Select an app.
  4. Scroll down to “Permissions.”

How do I see my Google reviews?

How to View Your Posted Reviews and Unreviewed Apps

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  2. Tap on your profile picture in the top right corner.
  3. Tap on Manage apps & device.
  4. Tap Ratings & reviews.
  5. To view all of your posted reviews, select the Posted tab.

What is the default email app for Android?

Gmail (Figure A) is the default email app for most Android phones (minus Samsung Galaxy devices, who use Samsung Email).

What is permission in settings?

You can allow some apps to use various features on your phone, such as your camera or contacts list. An app will send a notification to ask for permission to use features on your phone, which you can Allow or Deny. You can also change permissions for a single app or by permission type in your phone’s Settings.

Where is setting app?

On your Home screen, swipe up or tap on the All apps button, which is available on most Android smartphones, to access the All Apps screen. Once you’re on the All Apps screen, find the Settings app and tap on it. Its icon looks like a cogwheel. This opens the Android Settings menu.

How do I see my app reviews?

Tap on your profile icon in the top left of the “Reading Now” tab, then select “View Account Settings.” Tap on “View Account Settings” again in the pop-up, then select “Ratings & Reviews.”

Where can I find my review on App Store?

Your App Store ratings and reviews

  1. 1) Open Settings.
  2. 2) Tap your Apple ID at the top.
  3. 3) Choose Media & Purchases.
  4. 4) Pick Ratings and Reviews.
  5. 1) Either click Store > View My Account or click your profile on the bottom left of the App Store.

Is the myMail app a good email app?

The app has all the basic features of an email client, but unless you plan on switching your e-mail provider to, it’s hard to find a compelling reason to use MyMail in lieu of stock e-mail apps on either iOS or Android.

What do I need to use my mail app?

All you need is your email login and password and the mail app is ready to use. Google Mail (Gmail), Microsoft (Hotmail, Outlook, Live), Yahoo Mail, AOL, GMX, and my Mail mobile email (

What kind of email client does myMail use?

Whether it’s Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, AOL, iCloud, Live, Exchange or GMX, myMail email client supports all major mail providers and any other IMAP or POP3 -enabled mailbox. myMail keeps your mail securely in one place.

Is there a free e-mail client for Android?

MyMail ( iOS | Android) is a free e-mail client available on both Android and iOS that — in addition to incorporating popular e-mail services — lets you also create a free account with unlimited storage.