Do drop spindles lower your car?

Drop-spindles relocate the shaft to a higher position, typically 2-3 inches higher than the original. Doing this allows your wheel to be higher in the fender well, thus lowering your truck.

What’s better drop spindles or lowering springs?

To answer the original question spindles “technically” should ride better than drop springs. Reason being is a 2″ drop spring will give you 2″ less of uptravel until you bottom out. Spindles keep the same uptravel. From experiance 2″ drop springs aren’t going to hurt your ride that bad.

Are drop spindles good?

Why is a drop spindle a better choice than using a drop spring? A. By using a drop spindle you will be maintaining a factory ride quality. Lowering springs are usually rated higher than stock springs depending on the amount of drop, taking away from the factory ride.

Do drop shocks lower your truck?

Re: Do DROP SHOCKS lower the truck? Shocks do nothing for ride height. You’ll need to get lower springs and shorter shocks.

Do drop spindles affect ride quality?

Drop spindles are probably one of the best ways to lower your vehicle properly by two or three inches without affecting the ride quality or factory suspension geometry. It’s worth paying more for a high-quality spindle from a reputable manufacturer; cheaper spindles are known to crack and shear.

Is cutting springs bad for your car?

Cutting the coil springs of your Premallion with a hacksaw will certainly lower your car. But by hacking the springs, you are really ridding the springs off its flexing ability. Some even go to an ignorant extent of cutting AND heating the coil springs. Never heat the coil springs- heat is its worst enemy imaginable.

How do you do a lowered pick up?

Drop it Like it’s Hot: 8 Ways to Lower a Truck

  1. Lowering Springs. Back in the day, customizers would cut or heat up springs to lower vehicles.
  2. Drop Spindles.
  3. Torsion Bars.
  4. Suspension Arms.
  5. Leaf Springs and Shackles.
  6. Rear Flip Kits.
  7. Coil-overs.
  8. Full Chassis Replacement.

How do you know if you have drop spindles?

If the spindle snout is near the bottom ball joint tang, then it’s a stock spindle. If the snout is about mid-way between both upper and lower ball joint tangs then it’s a drop spindle.