Do Macs go on sale for back to school?

Apple 2021 Back To University Sale. Apple has kicked off its annual ‘Back To University’ promotion in Australia for eligible students and teachers. Offering free AirPods valued at A$249, alongside special pricing of up to A$320 off the Recommended Retail Pricing and more.

How much would a MacBook cost with student discount?

College students and their parents are eligible for the following: MacBook Air starts at $899. MacBook Pro starting at $1199.

Who is eligible for back to school Apple?

Those eligible for this promotion include teachers, staff, students and parents as follows (each a “Qualified Purchaser”): Kindergartens, Primary schools, Secondary schools – Any employee of a public or private kindergarten, Primary or Secondary school is eligible.

What is the Apple back to school promotion?

Apple holds a Back to School promotion every year where it gives a free product – usually AirPods – away with purchases of qualifying Apple products. This is in addition to the year-long discounts Apple offers to students and education institutions on its Mac desktops and Mac laptops and iPads.

How long is Apple student discount 2021?

The promotion is live now and runs through September 27. Those who are eligible can upgrade from the free standard AirPods with wired charging to the version with a wireless charging case for $40 or the AirPods Pro for just $90.

Does Apple verify education discount?

While Apple doesn’t verify your education pricing qualifications at the time of purchase, it occasionally performs audits. If you can’t verify your enrollment, Apple reserves the right to charge your credit card for the difference between education and regular pricing on the items you purchased.

Is the new MacBook Air available for back to school?

The updated MacBook Air and MacBook Pro are part of Apple’s Back to School promotion starting today and available to higher education students, their parents, faculty, staff and home-school teachers through the Apple Education Store. Apple’s popular Back to School promotion is back with great savings for higher education students.

Is the Apple back to school promotion back?

Apple’s popular Back to School promotion is back with great savings for higher education students.

How long does Apple back to school sale last?

Each promotion usually lasts about two months. Apple today launched its seasonal back-to-school sale for the upcoming school year in the United States and Canada, offering students free AirPods alongside purchases of select Macs and iPad models.

What are the Apple back to school gift cards?

Apple’s annual Back to School event launched in Japan today, with Apple offering students a gift card worth up to 18,000 yen ($165) when making a purchase. The highest gift card amount is available with the purchase of a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac Pro, or ‌iMac‌, with Apple offering 12,000 yen for iPad Pro and iPad Air models.