Do summing mixers make a difference?

Analog summing will not make your bad mixes better. More mixing will help make your bad mixes better. Secondly there are many amazing pro mixers out there who DON’T use analog summing. They mix entirely in the box (ITB).

What is a summing console?

Summing mixers are essentially just what their names entail – a way to sum your individual tracks together and pass them out to a stereo track. Depending on the particular summing mixer you’re working with, other features and functionality are somewhat common as well.

Why do you need a summing mixer?

Mixers perform 3 main functions: level balancing of multiple audio streams (level controls or faders), spatial placement (panning) and summing the audio to stereo. A summing amplifier simply sums multiple audio streams to stereo, while the DAW’s mixer is used to perform the mixing functions of balancing and panning.

What is summing When mixing?

In audio, summing refers to combining two or more signals together. This can be as simple as using a Y cable or as relatively complex as a multi-channel audio mixing board. It is assumed that signals should be summed in phase and with minimal distortion. In digital audio systems, summing is done mathematically.

Do I need a summing plugin?

If you’re using LUNA, Universal Audio’s comprehensive recording system, then the Neve Summing extension is a must-have. This extension integrates right into LUNA’s mixer, making it easy to inject analog attitude into your mix without complicating your workflow.

How important is analog summing?

Proponents argue that summing individual tracks or stems through an analog summing box rather than inside of the DAW yields a warmer sound with improved depth and dimensionality.

Are digital mixers better than analog?

Compared with analog mixers, digital live sound mixing consoles are extremely flexible and incredibly compact. In addition to being generally less noisy than analog mixing technology, digital audio mixing often provides you with advanced routing options and grouping assignments.

Which is better analog or digital mixers?

Analog mixers are much easier to operate because they have only one function per control. With digital mixers, you can easily get confused if you can assign multiple functions to one knob or button. The more simple design is better suited for those learning how to use mixers.

Where can I buy John Oram audio products?

You can buy from England or Spain my British and Polish made products. There will be new designs retaining my analogue methods, with more sunshine and a relaxed Mediterranean feel. More warmth in the audio and design concepts more suited to the hybrid concept of tracking, mixing and mastering.

Where was John Oram born and how old is he?

John Oram was born in 1949 in Dartford, Kent, England and has enjoyed a busy and rewarding life in the electronic musical industry. His designs have been nominated for 23 Technical Excellence & Creativity awards, winning some along the way.

Is it true that John Oram is leaving the UK?

Having announced I am leaving the UK for Spain, I want you to know that I am not retiring. On the contrary, ORAM PRO is increasing its production capability in England and Poland with a new sales office opening in Almeria, Spain as ORAM PRO INTERNATIONAL.