Do you have to book White Scar Caves?

All visits into the cave are with a guide. The tour of the UK’s longest show cave takes about 80 minutes. Advance booking is only available for large group visits (schools and private parties of 30+ people), requiring booking via telephone and a pre-paid deposit.

How long is white scar caves?

White Scar Caves
Length 6.5 kilometres (4.0 mi)
Elevation 259 metres (850 ft)
Discovery 1923
Geology Carboniferous limestone

Can dogs go in White Scar cave?

Dogs are not permitted inside the cave, for reasons of safety and animal welfare. Dogs may however be brought to the cave site as long as they are controlled.

How was white scar cave formed?

The cave was created by the action of carbon dioxide rich water dissolving limestone deposits. It now contains weird and wonderful formations of stalagmites and stalactites. There are literally thousands of stalactites in the 200,000 year old Battlefield Cavern.

Can you walk through how Stean Gorge?

Passing How Stean Gorge is The Nidderdale Way, a 53-mile circular walk in North Yorkshire, which leads you through the highlights of this spectacular landscape. Scar House, Angram and Gouthwaite Reservoirs, as well as Great and Little Wherneside are nearby landmarks and are a real test for ambitious walkers.

How do you gorge?

How Stean Gorge is a spectacular limestone ravine carved out over thousands of years by waterflow and is the perfect location for a family day out as well as outdoor activities like via ferrata, gorge walking, caving, rock climbing, canyoning and abseiling.

Can you take dogs to Ingleton caves?

no, as parts are slippy and small, dogs are not permitted in the caves.

Why do I have white scars?

White scars, or “hypopigmented” scars, are due to a loss of melanocytes that manufacture pigment. This loss is usually permanent, but can sometimes be improved by fractional laser resurfacing, which allows some of the pigment cells to migrate back into the lighter-colored skin areas.

What is gorge scrambling?

Gorge Scrambling is a superb fun filled adventure activity that involves walking, scrambling and some short swims in a mountain gorge. There are water slides, squeezes and jumps that you can tackle along the way, this is a great activity that is suitable for all.

How much does Stean Gorge cost?


Type Price
Adult £7.00
Child £5.00
Concession £6.00
Outdoor Activities From £45pp

Can you walk Ingleton Falls for free?

Walk in for free in reverse, but pay for it in other ways.. Beautiful waterfalls and a stunning place. However if you do decide to walk the route in reverse, expect to face a barrage of people coming straight at you and a dodgy narrow steps to pass.

Where is the car park at White Scar Cave?

The cave car park is near the ticket office, café and shop. The time of the next tour is displayed at the ticket office. Pre-booking is not available due to possible inclement weather altering tour time entry on the day.

What should I wear to White Scar Cave?

There are two low-roof passages on the cave trail. Here you will need to be able to bend low at the waist while you walk. Hard hats are provided and must be worn. For small children we recommend that a woolly hat (no bobble) or cap be worn under the hard hat for a snug fit.

When do tickets for White Scar Cave go on sale?

Pre-booking is not available due to possible inclement weather altering tour time entry on the day. The ticket sales window at the cave entrance will open five minutes before the tour sets off, so all visitors can purchase tickets as they enter the cave. All visits into the cave are with a guide.