Does Ace Hardware sharpen hedge trimmers?

Our STIHL service centers expertly sharpen lawn mower blades, hedge trimmers, and saw chain. Need a new STIHL saw chain? …

How much does it cost to sharpen clipper blades?

Sharpening Service Price List
Small Clipper Blades (2 inches or less wide) $ 5.50
Large Clipper Blades (more than 2 inches wide) $ 6.50
Arco Blades – Refurbishment $15.00
Industrial Shears (quantity discount for 25 or more) $ 6.00

How do I service my hedge trimmer?

To service your petrol hedge trimmer, ensure the blades and air filter are clean and in good condition. Check the whole tool over for fuel leaks and damage each time you use it, and ensure that spark plugs, the air filter and pickup body are replaced at the recommended intervals.

Do hedge trimmers need to be sharpened?

As such, we recommend sharpening after every 50 hours of use or so, to ensure consistent cutting performance and to enable you to enjoy your hedge trimmer for a long time to come. You can also find all the important information you need about sharpening your hedge trimmer in the operating instructions.

Should you lubricate hedge trimmers?

Do Hedge Trimmers Need Oil? Yes, hedge trimmers need lubrication to keep the friction between the blades low to prevent excess heat which can bend the trimmer’s blades. Unlike chainsaws, hedge trimmers do not have a oil reservoir, therefore the oil is applied directly to the trimmer blades.

Can Black and Decker hedge trimmers be sharpened?

The Black & Decker Hedge Hog trimmer with a 24-inch dual action blade made from hardened steel provides precise cutting and detail trimming for all types of shrubs and hedges. The Black & Decker website recommends using a sharpening stone or fine-toothed round file to sharpen the blade on your trimmer.

How often do clipper blades need sharpening?

Normally if the coat is clean, a set of blades should manage up to about five clips, but generally speaking two to three is average. If this is the case, it is best to send them away for re-sharpening.

How do you sharpen an electric hedge trimmer blade?

The simplest way to sharpen your hedge trimmer blade is by using a hedge trimmer. When you use a file over each blade, you have to move in a downward motion. Before you go back up, lift the file off of the blade each time.

What can hedge trimmers be used for?

Hedge trimmers are designed to be used to cut, shape and manage hedges and topiary . Different blade sizes are available for the trimmers, affecting how high you can make the tools reach and how far you can lift them.

What are hedge shears?

Hedge shears are a much larger version of traditional pruning shears. They share the same scissor like mechanism and as the handles are closed together so are the blades. Their intended use is targeted at larger shrubs and hedges.