Does Arsene Wenger have a family?

Family and background Arsene was born in 1949 in Strasbourg, Alsace, to parents, Alphonse and Louise Wenger. He has two older siblings, brother, Guy Wenger, and an unnamed sister.

Who is Arsene Wenger daughter?

Léa Wenger
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Who is George Graham married to?

Marie Ziam. 1967
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Did Arsene Wenger cheat on his wife?

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has been accused of cheating on his wife with a bombsheel blonde French rapper, according to reports. The 61-year-old gaffer refused to confirm or deny the allegations that he has been dating Sonia Tatar behind his wife’s back.

How tall is Arsene Wenger?

6′ 3″
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Where did Lea Wenger go to school?

Lea graduated from Cambridge University in 2017 and her dad was pictured attending a service at the top seat of learning.

Does George Graham have children?

George’s first marriage, alas, collapsed some years ago, but he remains very close to his two children, Nicole, 31, an ardent football fan who went to all his Arsenal games, and those at Leeds, and who now passionately follows Spurs; and Daniel, 26, who is not interested in football – he prefers golf.

Is George Graham married?

How old is Alex Ferguson?

79 years (December 31, 1941)
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How many languages are Arsene Wenger speak?

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Where did Arsene Wenger live as a child?

At Monaco, Wenger earned a reputation for spotting young talent, and he has remained focused on developing a youth system . Arsène Charles Ernest Wenger was born on 22 October 1949 in Strasbourg, Alsace, the youngest of three children born to Alphonse and Louise Wenger.

When did Arsene Wenger become manager of Arsenal?

Wenger was named manager of Arsenal in 1996 and two years later led the club to a Premier League and FA Cup double. The club won another league and cup double in 2002 and retained the FA Cup a year later. In 2004, Wenger managed Arsenal to an undefeated league season, a feat last accomplished by Preston North End,…

Why is Arsene Wenger called Le Professeur?

The nickname ” Le Professeur ” (French: usually translated as ” The Teacher “) is used by fans and the British media to reflect Wenger’s studious demeanour. His approach to the game emphasises an attacking mentality, with the aim that football ought to be entertaining on the pitch.

When did Arsene Wenger go undefeated in the league?

In 2004, Wenger managed Arsenal to an undefeated domestic league season, a feat last accomplished by Preston North End, 115 years previously. Arsenal later eclipsed Nottingham Forest ‘s record of 42 league matches unbeaten and went seven more matches before losing in October 2004 (which resulted in the so-called ” Battle of the Buffet “).