Does chemical induced vitiligo spread?

Depigmentation in chemical vitiligo spreads to distant sites, in the same way as generalized idiopathic vitiligo. The study showed that chemical triggering factors played a very significant role in the induction and progression of vitiligo.

Can vitiligo be caused by trauma?

Vitiligo can be triggered by stress to the melanin pigment-producing cells of the skin, the melanocytes. The triggers, which range from sunburn to mechanical trauma and chemical exposures, ultimately cause an autoimmune response that targets melanocytes, driving progressive skin depigmentation.

Can chemicals turn your skin white?

Contact leukoderma is the loss of skin colour (whitening of skin) following contact with chemicals known to destroy the skin pigment cells (melanocytes). It is usually due to chemicals found in the workplace, but it can also follow the use of certain cosmetic products.

How is chemical Leukoderma treated?

In conclusion, systemic steroid pulse therapy may be a good treatment option for chemical leukoderma when avoidance of the causative chemicals and other topical treatments are ineffective.

Are leucoderma and vitiligo same?

There is no difference between leucoderma and vitiligo. Leuco means white and derma means patches. Another name of vitiligo is leucoderma.

What triggers vitiligo to spread?

Vitiligo will not be caused by stress but, if melanocytes stop producing melanin then vitiligo occurs. There are some cases where vitiligo is increased by stress. If a person is already affected by vitiligo then the white patches will spread over the body if he is stressed.

Can you induce vitiligo?

Vitiligo may also be induced by topical exposure to monobenzone or a similar chemical in a class known as phenols.

Is chemical Leukoderma permanent?

Bindi Leucoderma While early stoppage of exposure can lead to slow spontaneous repigmentation, active treatment of bindi depigmentation is typically more difficult than vitiligo, since PTBP can permanently destroy the melanocytes within a few days of continuous use.

Which organ of the human body is affected by Leukoderma?

Vitiligo also called as ‘leucoderma’ is an autoimmune disorder wherein the immune system of the body attacks the healthy cells and, in turn, starts affecting the body. The condition is characterised by white patches on the skin that develops as a result of melanocytes within the skin.

Can emotional stress cause vitiligo?

Emotionally stressful events may trigger the development of vitiligo, potentially due to hormonal changes that occur when a person experiences stress. As in other autoimmune diseases, emotional stress can worsen vitiligo and cause it to become more severe.