Does Chismoso mean Nosey?

chismoso {adjective} nosy {adj.}

What is the meaning of Chismoso?

Word forms: chismoso, chismosa. gossiping ⧫ scandalmongering. masculine noun/feminine noun. gossip.

What is another word for Chismosa?


From To Via
• chismoso → gabbytalkative ↔ geschwätzig
• chismoso → gossip ↔ commère

What does Chemosa mean?

It’s someone who is nosey, or who likes to gossip.

What does Chismosa mean in Filipino?

those are the person who gossips alot.

How do you deal with Chismosa?

The best way to handle a Chismosa is to politely listen to her without adding anything to the conversation. Once she notices people losing interest in her stories, she’ll eventually stop telling them.

What’s another word for gossipy?

What is another word for gossipy?

chatty conversational
chattery newsy
blabbing blabby
prattling spilling
talebearing taletelling

What does Chismosa mean in Latin?

gossip, gossiping, tattletale, gossipmonger, scandalmonger.

Is Chismoso a word?

chismoso {adjective} gossip-monger {adj.} nosy {adj.}

What is the opposite of gossipy?

Opposite of tending to talk a lot. reticent. taciturn. reserved. uncommunicative.