Does EPB offer phone service?

Yes. Call long distance at just 6¢ per minute. Or, get unlimited long distance calling at just $39.99 per month plus tax. If you would like to add long distance service, call us anytime day or night at 423-648-1372.

What is EPB number?

Give us a call anytime day or night at 423-648-1372 for residential, and 423-648-1500 for business.

What does EPB stand for Chattanooga?

the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga
EPB of Chattanooga, formerly known as the Electric Power Board of Chattanooga, is an American electric power distribution and telecommunications company owned by the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee.

How do I cancel my EPB account?

How to cancel EPB Fiber Optics through Live Chat

  1. Go to the Customer support page.
  2. Choose Live Chat.
  3. Fill in all the fields.
  4. Wait for a customer support agent.
  5. Provide all the necessary information.
  6. Wait for the agent to cancel your account and ask for confirmation.

Where can I pay my EPB bill in Chattanooga?

Where can I pay my bill in person?

  • EPB Main Office 10 West M.L. King Blvd.
  • EPB Brainerd Branch 830 Eastgate Loop – Temporarily drive through only. Monday – Friday Drive-thru hours: 7:30 m.
  • EPB Hixson Branch 2124 North Point Blvd. – Temporarily drive through only.

What router does EPB use?

What kind of WiFi router does EPB recommend? An “802.11n” or newer router is preferred for 300 Mbps. And for Gig customers, EPB suggests a dual band “802.11ac” router. In fact, an 802.11ac router is best for maximum performance at any speed – especially in larger homes with multiple internet devices and users.

Can I get EPB?

You can also find EPB in and many others. It is a Fiber provider, which means they deliver service faster than most other types of service by using an optical fiber rather than a copper wire.

Who owns EPB Chattanooga?

Since its creation in 1935, the Electric Power Board has been owned by and its debt issued from the city of Chattanooga, which chartered EPB as a non-profit agency 80 years ago and continues to appoint the 5-member board that governs the municipal power distributor.

What is EPB malfunction?

This can typically occur when the EPB has not been operated for a period of time. As such the illumination of the warning lights will appear and a message displayed which states: EPB Malfunction. This can result in an inability to release the parking brake.

How much is EPB deposit?

Since every EPB Electric Power customer account uses power before the first bill is received, we require an initial deposit of $200.00 to cover the cost of this power.

Where can you pay your EPB bill?

Why is my EPB internet so slow?

“When customers experience slow internet speeds, router issues are often the cause,” said Michael Reid, EPB Field Services Senior Supervisor. “The router is the piece of equipment in your home that provides WiFi connectivity. It’s best to have a router than can deliver 802.11 AC dual band or a tri-band router.

How long has EPB Fiber Optics been in Chattanooga?

Learn more. Start your review of EPB Fiber Optics. You won’t appreciate their service and reliablity until you have another service “provider”. We have had EPB for 10 years and when we have an issue they are on it fast. Had an issue with slow internet, they sent a tech who replaced the cable in my house from the outside.

What to do at EPB in Chattanooga TN?

Grab a coffee or hot cocoa and take a stroll in front of their Christmas window display. It would be a very romantic spot to wrap up a date night after dinner…or take the kids and watch their faces light up. Thank you EPB for bringing Christmas magic to Chattanooga!

How many stars does EPB of Chattanooga have?

The internet speed is blazing fast, it is easy to reach LIVE support online or on the phone and technicians are skilled and helpful onsite. I just moved from the West Coast – and EPB of Chattanooga sets a much higher benchmark for internet/cable reliability and service. If I could give 10 stars, I would.

What does EPB do for free WiFi?

Free service calls keep your WiFi running smoothly. We’re proud to stand with our community partners to support and enhance education, job creation, and quality of life for everyone we serve. Students of the EPB Institute of Technology and Networking at Tyner Academy High School work in their new high-tech learning laboratory.