Does Honda use Keihin?

Along with developing racing systems, Keihin is a supplier of fuel systems for major manufacturers like Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha. In order to meet the needs of these manufacturers, Keihin is required to supply them with the best quality products available.

Who owns Keihin?

The Keihin Corporation (株式会社ケーヒン, Kabushiki-gaisha Keihin) was founded December 19, 1956, and maintains its head office in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, Japan. It produces carburetors and fuel injection, and is a major supplier to Honda. Honda owns nearly half of the company shares.

Are Keihin carbs good?

There are plenty of Mikuni and Keihin carburetors in the market are not authentic. They’re not safe to use and will cause many problems to your bike. If you think you’ve made a purchase and you’re not sure if it’s a genuine carburetor, here are some tips that will help you to identify them.

Which Keihin carb do I have?

Look at the carburetor itself. You will find a number that is usually preceded by two to three letters. This is your model number. This number is needed for all parts orders or repair assistance.

What is the meaning of Keihin?

goods, refinement, dignity, article, counter for meal courses.

Does Honda own Showa suspension?

As part of a series of transactions for the Integration, to make Honda obtain all common shares of Keihin, Showa and Nissin (however, except for Keihin, Showa, and Nissin shares owned by Honda and treasury shares owned by Keihin, Showa, and Nissin, respectively; collectively, the “Three Target Company Shares”), and to …

Does Hitachi own Keihin?

(TSE: 7230) entered into the basic contract regarding a management integration on October 30, 2019, to conduct the management integration through implementation of the absorption-type merger in which Hitachi Automotive Systems (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi) will be the surviving company, and Keihin, Showa and …

Are Mikuni and Keihin jets interchangeable?

You can use Mikuni jets, but you will have to cross-reference to a Keihin chart. They thread right up and are nearly the same size.

How do I know if my carburetor is Keihin Cvk?

Identify by Serial Number

  1. Remove your carburetor and place it on a flat surface. Look at the regulator chamber, where you’ll be able to see the Keihin trademark logo, to ensure that you’re dealing with the correct brand.
  2. Find the serial number near the bottom of the CDK carburetor. Write the number down.