Does justified have a good ending?

Despite the bloodshed and violence that punctuated our core trio’s lives (as is the case with most characters written by Elmore Leonard), all three managed to achieve the closest thing to a happy ending they were ever likely to get, with Raylan (Timothy Olyphant) moving to Florida to be close to his daughter, Willa; …

Did Wynn Duffy get the money?

It was off-the-charts wrong to say Raylan and Boyd’s final scene was in a mineshaft full of money and dynamite. We said “You’ll Never Get Out of Harlan Alive” would be played at the end. If, as Raylan speculated in the show, she gave Wynn the entire $9 million for safe passage from Harlan, she paid too dear.

Do Raylan and Winona end up together?

Later, she tells Raylan that the other part of the reason she came back to Kentucky is because that she is still in love with him and that he can still be himself as long as they are together. Raylan kisses her and makes themselves an official couple once again.

Do Ava and Boyd end up together?

After murdering her abusive husband Bowman Crowder, she becomes a love interest to Raylan Givens and a damsel in distress as Bo Crowder attempts to have her killed to avenge his son. During the second season, she and Boyd (Bowman’s brother) become lovers and she is drawn into the criminal life.

Is there a spin off of Justified?

The team behind “Justified” is reuniting to develop an FX series based on the Elmore Leonard novel “City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit,” with Timothy Olyphant potentially returning as Raylan Givens, Variety has learned exclusively.

Who Killed Simon pool?

Though Duffy fully confesses to killing Simon to Art and Raylan in the episode “Fugitive Number One” (after he found out Simon was going to reveal Duffy was a rat to Grady) Duffy still refuses to confirm or deny this when asked directly by Vasquez in the episode “Collateral.

Why was justified canceled?

The creators made the decision early on to end Justified with Season 6, planning it as early as Season 4. They figured that, since the series was really centered on the relationship between Raylan and Boyd, there was only so far Justified could go.

Why was justified Cancelled?

Who is Joelle Carter married to?

Andy Batesm. 2015–2016
Joelle Carter/Spouse