Does karma matter Fallout New Vegas?

Karma doesn’t have as much of effect on gameplay as in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3, since reputation has a more important place. Unlike reputation, where one can only gain fame or gain infamy, karma can be gained and lost. Karma also no longer determines which companions you can recruit.

How do you get good karma in fo3?


  1. Donating caps to a church (In increments of 10, 50, or 100): +1 Karma per cap.
  2. Selling fingers taken from the corpses of evil characters (you killed) to Sonora Cruz via the Lawbringer perk: +10 Karma per finger.
  3. Giving scrap metal to Walter in Megaton’s water processing plant for free: +10 Karma per scrap.

How do you install a ballast?

Travel to the map marker to find the crashed B-29, near Callville Bay. Quickly dive under and attach the ballasts between the two engines and underneath the wings, on each side of the bomber. A hollow 3D image marks the exact spot where to place the devices.

What happens if you have bad karma in Fallout New Vegas?

The player character will get a second warning when their Karma is even lower (-150). After that, she will not complain anymore, as long as the player character stays neutral. Upon continue on the path to “the dark side” and talking to her again while having evil Karma (-250) she will leave for good.

What happens if you steal in Fallout New Vegas?

In Fallout 1 and 2 (as well as other similar cRPG’s like Baldur’s Gate) if you aren’t caught when stealing, you don’t lose any reputation points. This, in my opinion, is good. It rewards the player for putting points into lockpick/steal/sneak. In Fallout New Vegas you lose Karma for stealing.

Where do I attach the ballast New Vegas?

It attaches to the crashed B-29, one ballast on the underside of each wing, between the two engines (the location is indicated by a transparent ghostly outline). Once detonated, the plane is able to float on the ballasts.

What happens if you steal in Fallout: New Vegas?

How much Karma do you get in Fallout New Vegas?

The values for karma gain may be bugged; currently killing Very Evil NPCs (such as Vulpes Inculta) gives only 2 karma, yet killing some Fiends and Feral Ghouls grants 100 karma. Some ending narration in the game’s epilogue will also depend upon the player’s karma. (See Fallout: New Vegas endings for details.)

What’s the safest way to get bad karma?

Safest way is to start to hack a terminal that is considered trespassing and don’t actually hack it. Just access it and exit. and repeat. It’s slow but safe unless someone sees you. Just steal stuff. I started the game and made a point to steal anything of a 1-10 or greater weight-to value ratio.

When does Cass complain about her karma in Fallout New Vegas?

However, when opening a conversation with Cass after she has joined the player character and when they have substantially negative Karma (-100) she will complain about their behavior. The player character will get a second warning when their Karma is even lower (-150).

Is there a way to check your Karma?

I know that it doesn’t have MUCH of an effect in this game, but according to the Wiki there’s a karma check on a certain quest, and I’d rather go stealing stuff to lower my Karma than gain two whole levels just to get the Cannibal perk (which I consider a waste for this playthrough anyway). Dear GameFAQs: Please give me an edit button.