Does Kia have any promotions?

Kia Cash Back Deals You can get $750 off of the 2021 Forte and 2022 Soul and Sportage. The 2022 Niro hybrid has a rebate of $1,000, and $1,500 cash back can be found with the 2022 Stinger. The best source of current discounts and savings is your local Kia dealership.

What is the best month to buy a Kia?

The Best Times of the Year to Shop for a New Kia

  • Buying a Car in December Can Save You Money. The holidays make December so hectic that you probably don’t even want to think about buying a new car.
  • Buying a Car in Summer Gives You More Options.
  • Shopping at the End of Any Month Could Save You Money.

Which Kia model is the cheapest?

Least Expensive: With a starting price below $17,000, the Rio sedan is the least expensive Kia on sale. The Rio is also available as a hatchback, but it costs about $1,000 more.

What is Kia trade in assistance?

Take advantage of Kia’s Trade-In Assistance! Trade in your 2000 Model Year or newer vehicle & get up to $1,500 toward a brand new Kia! On any given day, we have thousands of vehicles in stock.

What is Kia’s interest rate?

1.9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) up to 66 months. $15.97 per month per $1000 financed at 66 months. 2.9% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) up to 72 months. $15.15 per month per $1000 financed at 72 months.

Will there be a 2021 Kia Rio?

Kia’s entry-level sedan and hatchback, the Rio, will continue on for 2021 and is likely to receive the same styling and technology updates as the Europe-spec model. Kia told C/D that the 2021 model will begin production at the end of this year.

Do Kia cars last long?

Do Kia cars last long? Yes, Kias are known for lasting as long as other reliable vehicles like Hondas, Toyotas, and Hyundais. The automaker’s powertrain warranty lasts up to 100,000 miles, but many drivers own their Kias far beyond that milestone.

Is Kia no haggle?

Most Competitive Pricing Creates a No Haggle Purchasing Experience. Since Lawrence Kia is one of the newest dealerships in our market, we are working really hard to build our customer base. The best way we know how to build our customer base is by offering the most competitive price right out of the gate.

What does MSRP mean for cars?

manufacturer’s suggested retail price
The manufacturer’s suggested retail price, or MSRP, is the price car manufacturers recommend dealerships sell their vehicles for. You’ve probably seen the term MSRP in car commercials or reviews. The invoice price, or the dealer price, is the amount a dealership pays the manufacturer.