Does Lifesteal work on morde?

Answers (0) No. Bloodthirster (and other sources of Lifesteal) only applies to basic attacks and abilities that work like basic attacks. Morde’s passive is considered a spell, and his bonus magic damage on-hit won’t be counted into his attack damage for Lifesteal calculations.

What’s the difference between Omni vamp and Lifesteal?

Omnivamp vs Lifesteal and Spellvamp The key difference between lifestyle and Omnivamp is that Omnivamp heals you when you take damage, but lifesteal heals you when you damage the enemy champions or minions with physical attacks, i.e., basic attacks.

What is spell vamp in Mobile legend?

Vamp is, of course, short for vampiric. In the case of Mobile Legends (and many games), it means your attacks (basic and/or skills) will regenerate (regen) your Hit Points (HP). Vamp effects are based on a percentage of the damage dealt for On Hit and On Skill Completion.

What is physical vamp in league?

Physical Vamp converts a percentage of all physical damage into health, but does not work for magic or true damage. It also is reduced by 33% for AOE and pet spells. Riot Games The new defensive LoL stat will have a sub-stat too, ‘Physical Vamp. ‘

Is Mordekaiser magic or physical?

Innate: After 3 basic spells or attacks against champions and monsters, Mordekaiser deals magic damage per second around himself (maxed at 180 against monsters) and gains 3% Movement Speed for 4 seconds. Mordekaiser’s basic attacks also deal (+40%) bonus magic damage.

What stats does Mordekaiser steal?

Unlike the other stats, Mordekaiser does not steal enemy total size; instead he gains 10% of his own size and reduces the enemy’s size by 10% of theirs (all size modifiers stack additively).

What items have spell vamp?

Compared to AD champions access to multiple lifesteal items, there is only 1 item that give spell vamp effect, which is Hextech Gunblade.

Does Omnivamp work on autos?

Omnivamp applies on all damage. So if you cast an ability that does 100 damage, and you have 20% Omnivamp, you’ll get 20hp back. This is all sources, so autos, abilities and item actives too.

What items give spell vamp?

Does Alucard have spell vamp?

Alucard’s skills inherits 50% of his Physical Lifesteal as Spell Vamp. This passive can be blocked by Grounded effect after using a skill.

Is Lifesteal a physical vamp?

Its lifesteal. The ones where you basic attack to gain back health.

Who is morde?

Twice slain and thrice born, Mordekaiser is a brutal warlord from a foregone epoch, who uses his necromantic sorcery to bind souls into an eternity of servitude.

Which is better, spell vamp or lifesteal?

The 33% aoe reduction on spell vamp also kills it, spellvamp gains effectiveness if targets are greater than three. If there was no reduction 66% spell vamp would actually beat 39% lifesteal it would even beat the crit scenario.

How does spell VAMP work in League of Legends?

Calculated after cooldowns including CDR, health costs, spell vamp from damage and the healing component of Transfusion, total damage dealt with 33% aoe spellvamp reduction for the E. Attack Speed is like CoolDownReduction on crack. 40% cdr cap and a 2.5 AS cap.

Which is better spellvamp or Vlad the Impaler?

I understand why, he is probably the best example to prove how much spellvamp can heal an AP caster but high healing Vlad is generally low damage Vlad.