Does Lightspeed have a simulator?

We use LightSpeed’s simulator for equities. We have a proprietary simulator loaded with specific plays which can be used to practice.

Does Lightspeed have paper trading?

You’ll pay a $130 monthly platform fee for access, but the fee is reduced by any commissions generated. Lightspeed Trader offers direct-market access. For those interested in test-driving the Lightspeed Trader platform, we recommend opening a free demo/paper trading account.

How do I link Lightspeed to Esignal?

Drag the Linking Icon to the symbol box of the eSignal Quote Bar as shown here: Confirm that ESIGNAL is displayed under Application Name in the LINK TO window and click Select: The link is now set. Click OK.

How fast is Lightspeed broker?

New clients who open an account with Lightspeed will be able to start trading within 24 hours after the account is funded by wire transfer. Not only do we offer you fast, stable technology to track market trends and make trades, but we also provide free tutorials and webinars to help you succeed.

Is Lightspeed good for shorting?

The Lightspeed Trader platform is great for shorting. Just look for the green letter E on level 2. They have really good short locates if the stock isn’t easy to borrow. Just submit your short request and they will come back quickly with the cost if shares are able to be borrowed.

How fast is Lightspeed?

Does Lightspeed work on Mac?

Will Lightspeed Trader work on a Mac? Yes, we do offer a MAC version of the software which can be run on the operating system version of MAC OSX 10 or higher.

What bank does Lightspeed use?

The Bank of New York Mellon
International Wire Transfers

Bank Name: The Bank of New York Mellon
Bank Address: 225 Liberty Street, New York, New York 10286
Secondary Bank Address: 240 Greenwich St New York, New York 10007
Beneficiary: Wedbush Securities Inc