Does LimeSurvey work on mobile?

Up to now the best approach for running Limesurvey on a mobile device was to design your survey properly and use a mobile optimized Limesurvey template so it scales nicely on smaller screens. The app caches a LimeSurvey online survey and creates on offline version which stores responses on the local device.

Is LimeSurvey free?

LimeSurvey (formerly PHPSurveyor) is a free and open source on-line statistical survey web app written in PHP based on a MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database, distributed under the GNU General Public License.

How do I create a survey in LimeSurvey?

To create a new survey click on the plus sign at the top right hand corner of the page. From there this window will pop up. Here you will give your survey a title (this is what your subjects will see) and a short description of the survey (subjects will also be able to see this).

How secure is LimeSurvey?

In Safe Hands with LimeSurvey Any data collected and processed by LimeSurvey is done strictly within the legal requirements. We are an Open Source organisation that thrives on our great community without forcing or restricting anyone’s use of our online survey software.

How do I create an offline survey?

Log into your SurveyMonkey account and create your survey. Once you’ve previewed and scored it and it’s ready to use, go to the Collect Responses page and select Kiosk Survey. 2. Validate your survey to make sure it’s ready to use in offline mode and doesn’t contain any unsupported features.

How much does LimeSurvey cost?

LimeSurvey Pricing Overview LimeSurvey pricing starts at $29.00 per user, per month. There is a free version. LimeSurvey offers a free trial.

How do I publish my lime survey?

Publication & Access Panel

  1. Start Date/Time. The date the survey starts.
  2. Expiry Date/Time. Set this to the date you want your survey to expire.
  3. Link survey on public index page.
  4. Set Cookie to Prevent Repeated Participation.
  5. Use CAPTCHA for Survey Access.
  6. Use CAPTCHA for Registration.
  7. Use CAPTCHA for Save and Load.

How do I copy a survey in lime?

As Eloner says correctly, go to create survey and then there is a tab that says “Copy”, then you choose the survey you want to copy.

Where is LimeSurvey data stored?

After selecting a location, we will store your data exclusively on a server in that country. If you are using our LimeSurvey Community Edition: In that case all your data is stored on your or your provider’s server (usually the one where you installed LimeSurvey).

Is LimeSurvey GDPR compliant?

Is your LimeSurvey Cloud service compatible with the GDPR? Yes, we are generally GDPR compatible.

Can Google forms be used offline?

You can access the data stored at Google Forms offline, but the forms can’t be completed unless we are connected, becoming an obstacle to perform certain field operations characterized by its offline mode: they don’t allow any Internet access.

Are there any mobile optimized templates for LimeSurvey?

Mobile optimized professional Limesurvey templates are available at the Limesurvey Template Shop . Need Help? We offer professional Limesurvey support Last edit: 6 years 5 months ago by Mazi . The topic has been locked. Advertising? Solutions, code and workarounds presented in these forums are given without any warranty, implied or otherwise.

How can LimeSurvey help you understand people better?

LimeSurvey can help you to understand people better. Find out more about opinions, interests and the reasons behind decisions. And all without much work on your part – thanks to our intuitive solutions for online surveys.

Who is the creator of

LimeSurvey is available to anyone. Project for the heart. Project for the community. Project for success. Since 2006, we have been working to perfect online software in Hamburg – with tremendous commitment and support from hundreds of developers throughout the world. The result is LimeSurvey – a product we are truly proud of.

What is the main force of LimeSurvey open source?

The main force of LimeSurvey is that it is transparent as well as publicly accessible. Open source is essentially the product of a community. It pools the power of many coders in order to achieve bigger things. Our community is our foundation. Thanks to the continuous feedback and the fresh ideas,…