Does NEJM accept case reports?

Before beginning to write your case report, it is important to consider the journals in which you wish to publish. For example, The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) does not accept free-standing case reports; however, other articles in this journal may contain case reports.

Does case reports require patient consent?

As explained above, informed patient consent is mandatory for the publication of your case reports. Ignoring this requirement can result in a rejection for your work and worse, ruin your relationship and reputation with patients.

Is BMJ Case Reports Open Access?

Copyright and authors’ rights Open access BMJ Case Reports can be reused under the terms of the relevant Creative Commons licence to facilitate reuse of the content; please refer to the BMJ Case Reports Author Agreement or the applicable Creative Commons licences.

Does Lancet publish case reports?

Case reports have appeared in The Lancet since Nov 11, 1995. Learning from stories—The Lancet’s Case reports.

Does JAMA accept case reports?

Short reports of original studies or evaluations or unique, first-time reports of clinical case series. It is very rare for this journal to publish case reports. Concise, focused reports of original research.

What are BMJ case reports?

BMJ Case Reports is an award winning journal that delivers a focused, peer-reviewed, valuable collection of cases in all disciplines so that healthcare professionals, researchers and others can easily find clinically important information on common and rare conditions.

Is ethical clearance required for case report?

Dear @Ratan, case report Is a scientific work and, therefore, it is necessary to obtain ethical clearance. But it is strongly recommended to optain written and signed informed consent from patient/ guardians for publishing the case report.

How do I write BMJ?

Write for BMJ Student We invite medical students and newly qualified doctors to submit pitches for articles on issues related to medical student life, career planning, and education. You can also become a reviewer for Student articles – more information here. Contact the editor at [email protected].

What is the impact factor of BMJ?

The BMJ/Impact Factor

Do you need informed consent for a BMJ case report?

We expect authors to use the latest BMJ consent form, which is available in several languages. You must have signed informed consent from patients (or guardians) before submitting to BMJ Case Reports. Please anonymise the patient’s details as much as possible, eg, specific ages, ethnicity, occupations.

How many authors can a BMJ case report have?

Consent will not be waived for case reports involving living patients. Case reports should have a maximum of four authors, of which at least one must have been involved in the patient’s care. All authors must have made an individual contribution to the writing of the article and not just been involved with the patient’s care.

How to get the consent of a patient?

Please save and print the form, then show the patient the version of the article that you are submitting and, if they give permission for publication, please ask them (or, as appropriate, their next of kin – in which case please explain this on the form) to sign the form. Then send the completed form to us.

What is the BMJ policy on patient consent and confidentiality?

Any manuscript containing patient personal data must comply with BMJ’s policy on anonymisation and patient consent and confidentiality. BMJ reserves the right to refuse to publish any manuscript which does not comply with the requirements set out in this policy.