Does OraQuick really work?

OraQuick is 91.7% accurate at identifying HIV-positive test results. This means that almost 10% of people who test HIV negative using OraQuick are actually HIV positive. Oraquick is not as accurate as blood-based testing in a lab, which has been shown to be 99.7% accurate at identifying positive test results.

Is OraQuick covered by insurance?

OraQuick is available for purchase through the company’s website. The cost is currently $39.99, plus shipping and handling. The company uses unmarked packaging to preserve purchasers’ privacy. In the U.S., the Affordable Care Act ensures that HIV testing is covered by health insurance without a copay.

Is OraQuick used in clinics?

It is clear, however, that OraQuick does not really have a role in the clinic itself, said Drain. Current blood-based tests seem to work slightly better than OraQuick and are relatively non-invasive. By the time people are already in the clinic, they are likely to submit to a blood-based rapid HIV test, he said.

Can I trust OraQuick after 1 year?

The FDA says that the approved OraQuick test is only effective after 3 months following exposure to the virus, and around 1 in 12 people will receive a false negative.

Can I trust negative OraQuick?

99.9% of people (4,902 out of 4,903) correctly reported a negative test result. The lab and OraQuick® In-Home HIV Test found the same result. This means that 1 out of 4,903 people not infected with HIV reported a positive test result even though that person was really not infected with HIV.

Why does OraQuick give false negatives?

A “false negative” result occurs when an HIV-infected individual receives a test result that incorrectly indicates that he or she is not infected with HIV. How quickly will I get the results of the OraQuick Test?

Can OraQuick give a false negative?

It is extremely important for those who self-test using the OraQuick In-Home HIV Test to carefully read and follow all labeled directions. Even when used according to the labeled directions, there will be some false negative results and a small number of false positive results.

How do I know if OraQuick worked?

Once the device is inserted in to the test tube, the oral fluid mixes with the liquid and travels up the test stick. If C-Line turns dark it confirms the test is working properly. If no C-Line appears, the test is not working. If only C-Line appears, the test is negative.

Why would OraQuick give a false negative?

How long does it take to get results from OraQuick?

The OraQuick test uses oral fluid to check for HIV-1 and HIV-2. It can give you results in about 20 minutes, and if you follow the instructions carefully the OraQuick oral fluid test can detect 91.7 percent of people who are infected with HIV, and 99.9 percent of people who are not infected with HIV.

What causes false negative OraQuick?