Does Santa Monica Beach have cameras?

Located at the end of Route 66 next to Venice Beach and the historical Muscle Beach Santa Monica, CA, the Pier’s webcams offer a glimpse from one of the most celebrated beaches in the world.

What time does Santa Monica close?

We’re back! The Santa Monica Pier has reopened for visitors Weekdays from 6am-10pm.

Does Santa Monica Pier have a roller coaster?

West Coaster The only West Coast, oceanfront, steel roller coaster located on a Pier over the Pacific Coastline. The coaster provides spectacular views of Santa Monica Bay and the Pacific Ocean as it trails from one end of the Park to the other at 35 mph.

What is the water temperature in Santa Monica?

Santa Monica is a city close to pacific ocean. August is the month with the warmest water temperature at 68.2°F / 20.1°C. The coolest month is February with an avg….Santa Monica Summary.

Description Value
Current water temperature /
Warmest Month Air Temperature: August with 75.9°F / 24.4°C

Is Santa Monica beach safe to swim?

Of course you can swim at the beach in Santa Monica. The water will be cold (the Pacific is a very cold ocean, in the low – mid 60s), but you can swim there. The water quality at the Pier often gets a low rating, but SM beach is many miles long, so you don’t have to swim at the Pier itself.

How much money should I bring to Santa Monica Pier?

Access to the pier is free. Tickets for the aquarium cost $5 for adults and children over 13, and are free for children aged 12 and under. Rides at Pacific Park are priced individually between $5 and $10, wristbands for unlimited rides cost $32.95 for those over 8 years old and $17.95 for children aged 7 and under.

Who owns the Santa Monica Pier?

Premier Parks, LLC
Representatives of Premier Parks, LLC, said the company has aquired Pacific Park from Mary Ann Powell, who joined as CEO in 1997 and acquired the operating company in 2012. The park is the only pier amusement park on the West Coast and home to the world’s first solar-powered Ferris wheel.

What is the warmest beach in California?

The Balboa Peninsula provides shelter from the open Pacific to make Newport Beach waters the warmest in California year round.

Do you need a wetsuit in Santa Monica?

The warmest Santa Monica Pier sea water temperatures at the beginning of September require something like a 3/2mm fully sealed wetsuit. Offshore winds cause colder deep water to replace surface water that has been warmed by the sun.

Where are the live webcams in Santa Monica?

This live webcam is located at the Santa Monica Pier in Santa Monica, CA. View live weather, surf conditions, and […] Check out this live cam overlooking Pacific Park in Santa Monica, CA from Earthcam.

Where to see the best views of Santa Monica Pier?

See stunning views of the Santa Monica Pier. Watch nightly light programs on the Pacific Wheel. Look at the surf, sand and sea at Santa Monica Beach from Malibu to Palos Verdes. Pacific Park’s Santa Monica Pier cams stream live video 24/7 from the world-famous Santa Monica Pier.

Is there a ferris wheel on the Santa Monica Pier?

Pacific Park is the amusement park on the Pier and home to the LA’s iconic Pacific Wheel. The Ferris wheel’s 174,000 LEDs illuminate the Los Angeles coastline nightly with fun light shows that feature seasonal colors, fun animations, and messages. If you have questions or comments about this live stream, please feel free to drop us a line.