Does Simonton make a good window?

Simonton Window Materials Builder Magazine ranked Simonton No. 1 for highest quality vinyl windows in its 2020 Brand Use Study.

What is the difference between Simonton 6100 and 6500?

The main differences between the 6100 and 6500 series lies in the color/finish options, just white and tan for the 6100 Series Windows vs. a multitude for the 6500 Series; 3/4″ insulating glass for the 6100 Series vs. Warranty: Simonton 6100 Series Windows are backed by a double lifetime limited warranty.

Are Simonton Windows expensive?

Simonton Windows vary by price by the series of windows you choose, their most affordable Prism series double hung window costs on average $290 per window and around $400 to install.

How long do Simonton windows last?

Simonton Warranty Coverage 20 years on glass. 10 years on operable parts.

Who owns Simonton?

American Brands
Ply Gem Industries, Inc.
Simonton Windows, Inc./Parent organizations

Are Simonton windows made in the USA?

Simonton has manufacturing facilities in Pennsboro, Harrisville and Ellenboro, West Virginia, Paris, Illinois and Vacaville, California.

Who manufactures Simonton Windows?

Ply Gem
Ply Gem Simonton Windows & Doors is part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family. Headquartered in Cary, North Carolina, Cornerstone Building Brands is North America’s leading exterior building products manufacturer.

Are Simonton Windows made in the USA?

What are Simonton Windows made of?

vinyl windows
Long-lasting beauty, low maintenance and excellent thermal efficiency ratings give vinyl windows a winning edge over other types of replacement windows. Simonton’s vinyl compound is produced with extra levels of UV inhibitors to help withstand harsh weather conditions, and it is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

How long do Simonton Windows last?

Are Simonton window frames insulated?

Simonton windows and doors are available with ProSolar® Low E glass. Unit Filled with Argon Gas The space inside an insulating glass unit—between the glass panes—may be filled with Argon gas, an odorless, non-toxic gas that is six times denser than air.

Do Simonton windows have argon gas?

What kind of computer is the Simonton 6100?

Simonton 6100 Series Windows Reviews: The Simonton 6100 Series Windows also fall under the VantagePointe brand and are also referred to as VantagePoint 6100 Windows.

Is the Simonton HD 6100 the same as the reflections 5500?

I suggest that you expand your search and if you like the window, get a quote from a local Simonton dealer. There are several posts on this board about Boston window choices and experiences. Iirc correctly the HD 6100 is the same window as the Reflections 5050 and the 6500 is the Reflections 5500.

What kind of glass does Simonton 6500 Windows use?

Energy Efficiency: 6500 windows offer several options to maximize overall energy efficiency including ProSolar Low E glass with Argon gas in double-pane or triple pane glass varieties. Warranty: Simonton 6500 Series Windows are backed by a double lifetime limited warranty.

How much does it cost to get a Simonton computer?

Simonton windows prices vary by series with the higher number more premium series coming with a heftier price tag than the lower number more standard series of windows. This is especially true within the 6500 Series Windows which are all custom made to your specifications. Genrally, Simonton windows price typically ranges between $350 and $700.